Looney Tunes Coins from Perth Mint

Looney Tunes Coins from Perth

Looney Tunes Coins 2018 Series

Looney Tunes coins are bring released through 2018 from the Perth Mint in Western Australia.  This outstanding coin series will be five coins, each coin featuring a different Looney Tunes character.  The coins will be issued for the island nation of Tuvalu, and are non-circulating coins.  The denomination of each coin is one-half TVD.  The coins are proof coins, and selectively colorized.  Mintage per coin is five thousand pieces.  The coins are minted to the high quality 0.9999 fine silver specification, and come with a certificate of authenticity.  Looney Tunes packaging is also included.  The P mintmark of the Perth Mint is on the reverse, assuring the quality.


The obverse of each coin is the Ian Rank-Braodley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


The Tuvalu dollar is traded at the same rate as the Australian dollar.


One disappointment is there is a link for the series, but the image used for the first coin of Bugs Bunny reclining is not the image shown for the series.  It appears the images on the series information page simply shows us the characters being used, not the image that will appear on the actual coin.  Still, this series will not disappoint.


In addition to individual coin purchasing, a subscription is available.

Looney Tunes Coins Bugs Bunny

The First Coin of the Series

Looney Tunes Coins First of Series: Bugs Bunny
Looney Tunes Coins First of Series: Bugs Bunny Perth Mint Image

The first of the Looney Tunes Coins is Bugs Bunny, where Bugs Bunny is reclining while holding a carrot.  Bugs Bunny and the carrot are colorized.  This coin was released in February, 2018.


The Remaining Looney Tunes Coins

The Other Four Coins

The second coin, Daffy Duck, is just hours away from being released.  It is scheduled for release at 8 a. m. AWST on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.  It should soon be available on the Perth Mint website.


Tweety Bird is scheduled for a June release.  This will be the third coin of the series.


The fourth coin of the series will be Sylvester the Cat.  The coin is scheduled to come out in August, 2018.


The fifth and final coin of the series is the Tasmanian Devil, and is scheduled for release in October, 2018.


The Perth Mint Australia

Looney Tunes Coinsfrom Canada

A Longer Series

In 2015 the Royal Canadian Mint released an eight-coin series of half-ounce, silver Looney Tunes coins.  That series proved popular.  The main difference is that the coins were not colorized, although one-ounce and two-ounce different images Looney Tunes colorized series were also released.


The Canadian coins included the first four characters, but also included Road Runner, Wile E Coyote, Marvin the Martian, and That’s All Folks.  Canada did not include the Tasmanian Devil.

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