Kangaroo Coin Series Has Milestone Anniversary

Kangaroo Coin Series Has Milestone Anniversary

The Kangaroo Coin Series Is Now 25 Years Old

The kangaroo coin series of the Royal Australian Mint started in 1993.  It has enjoyed a long history of popularity.  This is the series from the Royal Australian Mint.


Australia authorizes collectible coins from both the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint.  The Perth Mint has produced gold kangaroo coins, and is now minting silver and gold bullion coins.  In addition, numerous collectible coins featuring the kangaroo have been issued by the Perth Mint.  But, it is the long standing series of the Royal Australian Mint that is having its anniversary celebrated.


Kangaroo Early Confusion

The Discontinued Base Metal Coins

The Royal Australian Mint once minted a base metal version of the kangaroo coin.  This caused a great confusion.  The silver coins were marked, but novice collectors often made errors in acquiring what seemed to be silver coins.  The practice of minting similar base metal coins has ended years ago, but older coins are still found for sale.  Silver coins are marked with the metal content directly on the coins.


The Other Kangaroo Coins

Some Are from the Royal Australian Mint

The Perth Mint has used kangaroos for quite a few coins.  Some are high relief coins.  But, the Royal Australian Mint also uses the kangaroo for other coins.  Not every kangaroo coin from the Royal Australian Mint is part of the series.  There are the Explorer’s First Sighting silver kangaroo coins.  And we must not forget the Kangaroo at Sunset series of coins.  And there are others.  So, it is no wonder that there is confusion over which kangaroo coins are part of the series that began in 1993.


The Two Anniversary Coins

Twenty-Five Years of Kangaroo Coins

The Royal Australian Mint has on July 9, 2018, released two exciting coins.


One of these coins is one ounce of pure gold.  The gold is 99.99 pure.  The coin is minted with a proof finish.  This is a very low mintage coin.


The other coin is a five-ounce fine silver coin that is selectively plated with gold.  The silver is 99.9 pure.  This coin is also being released in limited mintage.


The coins feature popular images from the kangaroo series.


Find the coins on Ebay.


The Earlier Anniversary Release

A Coin and Bar Set

Earlier this year a silver bar with a one-ounce coin that fits into a hole in it was released.  The coin is the 2018 kangaroo coin from the series, and is titled “Seasons Change.”  It is a one-ounce silver coin set into a two-ounce silver bar.  The silver is 99.9 pure.   The coin is frosted uncirculated, and the bar is reverse proof.


Find the coins on Ebay.


The coin is also available in both the frosted and proof finishes.  The frosted coin comes on a mint card, and the proof coin comes in a display case.


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