Jade Coin:  Year of the Pig

Jade Coin:  Year of the Pig

The 2019 Jade Lunar Coin

The jade coin for the Year of the Pig is now out.  This is a stunning coin.  This is a silver proof coin that uses fine silver.  The weight of the coin is two ounces.  The coin has an inset of jade, giving contrast to the silver that surrounds it.  In the interior of the jade insert is an image of a pig, for the twelfth year of the Lunar calendar.  The pig is enhanced with gold plating, featuring twenty-four karat pure gold.  The elements of silver, gold, and jade combine to give a fantastically visually appealing coin.


This coin has a diameter of fifty-five millimeters.  This gives a wide field to view.  Hence, the details can be viewed easily.


The coin is minted as part of the Lunar series of coins for Laos.  Mintage is very limited to just 2,888 pieces.



Jade Coin Series

The Laos Lunar series of coins is nothing new.  It has been around for many years.  A quick search on Ebay shows coins for the Years of the Snake, Dog, Rooster, Horse, Rabbit, and Dragon currently acailable.  The oldest of the coins found is for 2011, the Year of the Rabbit.



Year of the Pig

Other countries issue coins for the Year of the Pig.  Australia issues coins at the Perth Mint, and different coins at the Royal Australian Mint.  Canada issues Lunar coins, and often has several different versions.  The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom has already issued its Year of the Pig coins.  And the New Zealand Mint issues Lunar series coins for Niue.  And there is a series for Tokelau.  This list is not complete, but should serve to give an idea of how many versions of the Lunar coins exist.  Many of these are from areas near to the Orient, but certainly not all.  Neither the United Kingdom, nor Canada, is located near the Orient.


While these coins are issued prior to 2019, the coin is even earlier when the Chinese New Year is considered.  The Chinese New Year will not be until February 5, 2019.


One other Lunar coin is so popular it sells out.  The Perth Mint in Australia has just announced the one-ounce Yeat of the Pig coin is approaching sellout, which follows the previous eleven sellouts for the series.


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