Irish Coins and Irish Coin Sets

Irish Coins and Irish Coin Sets

Irish Coins and Irish Coin Sets Now Have a Webpage

Irish coins and Irish coin sets issued by the Republic of Ireland now have their own page.  On September 1, 2017, a page on the Central Bank of Ireland was launched.  This page is for showing commemorative Irish coins and Irish coin sets, and allowing the public to purchase them directly from the Central Bank of Ireland.  This is a real plus for collectors of Irish coins.


Now the coins are available directly from the Central Bank of Ireland.


The 2017 Irish Coins

The Annual Mint Set

The theme of the 2017 annual mint set of Irish coins is Lighthouses & Coast Guard.  This is an eight-coin set, and an ideal way to collect Irish coins.


The Lighthouses & Coast Guard set had a total denomination of 3.88 Euros, and is limited to a release of 8,000.  The coins are mounted on a folding card that has three panels, so the card can protect the coins when it is folded.


This set was released in October, 2017, so we may have a wait for the 2018 annual mint set.


Jonathan Swift Commemorative Coin

Gulliver’s Travels

The silver commemorative coin was scheduled to be released December 7, 2017, according to the coin webpage at the Central Bank of Ireland.  It was to be released to commemorate the three hundred fiftieth anniversary of Jonathan Swift’s birth.  It is currently available.


The coin is a fifteen-euro denomination coin.  It is to weigh 28.28 grams, and be made of Sterling silver.  Sterling silver is 0.925 pure.  Mintage is limited to 2,000 coins.


Irish Science and Inventors Series of Irish Coins

Charles A. Parsons

In January, 2017, the fifteen-euro Irish coin honoring Charles A. Parsons, inventor of the steam turbine, was released.  It is the third coin of the Irish Science and Inventors series.  This coin is 28.28 grams, and is made of Sterling silver.  This is a proof issue.  Mintage for this coin is limited to 6,000 coins.


Irish Coins, European Silver Program

Ha’Penny Bridge

The Ha’Penny Bridge coin is named for the ha’penny charged by William Walsh, the owner of the bridge years ago.  This is an iconic bridge that connects northern and southern Dublin. It opened as a pedestrian only bridge in 1816.



This coin is part of the European Silver Program, and 2017 celebrated the Age of Iron and Glass – An Irish Context.  This is a ten Euro Sterling silver coin.  It contains 28.28 grams of metal.  Sterling silver is 0.925 pure.  The coin is minted in a proof finish.  Mintage is limited to 4,000 pieces.


Older Irish Coins and Irish Coin Sets

Many Are Available

The Central Bank of Ireland has quite a few coins, uncirculated sets, and proof sets from older years available.  They can be found on the SHOP menu, then select VIEW ALL.  I have seen gold coins, silver coins, and many coin sets there.  The years are somewhat out of order, but go back as far as 2003.  So, if you are looking for an Irish coin, the Central Bank of Ireland web page may be worth viewing.


Obverse of Irish Coins

The Repeated Image

The obverse of Irish coins features a triangular harp.  This is the Celtic harp.


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