Holden Motorsport Coins

Holden Motorsport Coins

Holden Motorsport Coins from Royal Australian Mint

Holden Motorsport coins are out, but already the set of seven coins has sold out.  The coins are minted by the Royal Australian Mint.  Some of the Royal Australian Mint’s coins go unnoticed by many numismatists, but are worth consideration.  This set is well worth a look.


Australia uses two mints, the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint.  The Royal Australian Mint produces Australia’s circulating coins.  The Perth Mint produces Australia’s bullion coins.  The Australian commemorative coins from the Perth Mint are well known, but the Royal Australian Mint also releases a significant number of commemorative coins annually.


The Holden Motorsport Coins Full Set

The Seven Coins

The Holden Motorsport coins commemorate the legends of racing.  These are fifty cent coins, minted in Cu-Ni, so the cost is reasonable.  They utilize the dodecagon shape, giving them a unique appearance.


One of the coins is titled Bathurst Legend, 1968, with the number 50 on the coin.  Below the car is HK MONARO GTS 327.  This is the only coin in the set that is not colorized, and is only available in the entire set.  This coin actually makes an eighth coin.


The full set of seven coins comes in a colorful tin, which is also sold separately.


Mintage for each of the seven colorized coins is thirty thousand, and mintage for the complete set is ten thousand.


One of the coins is the 2001 VX Commodore HRT.  This coin on this coin is colorized in red and white.  Another coin features the 1996 VR Commodore HRT colored blue and white.  The third coin is the 1984 VK Commodore HDT, and is colored red and white.  The fourth coin features the 1979 LX Torana  A9X, and is also colored red and white.  The fifth coin is of the 1979 LJ Torana XU, and is colored red and white.  The sixth coin is of the 1970 HT Torana GTS 350, and is colored mostly yellow.  The seventh coin is of the 1971 XY Falcon GT-HO, Phase III, and is colored mostly red.


To make the images look authentic, advertisements are clearly shown on the cars.


All seven individual coins, and the tin, are available at the Royal Australian Mint, so only the special coin in the complete set is unavailable.  If one adds the costs of the seven coins plus the cost of the tin, the total equals the cost of the full set, so the eighth coin was for no added charge.


The coins are quite attractive, and are available on Ebay.



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