Historic Old Coins from the Royal Mint

Historic Old Coins from the Royal Mint

Old Coins Celebrate History

Old coins are normally not found at a mint.  Normally, mints sell new, uncirculated coins.  Old coins that have been in circulation are either taken from circulation, or if they are bought from a dealer.  Generally, old coins that are hard to find in circulation come from dealers, and only new coins come from a mint.


Occasionally, a mint might produce a tribute coin, a new coin designed to look similar to an old coin.  Tribute coins are not normally minted to be exact replicas of old coins.  There must be some distinction between the two.


The Royal Mint Offers Authentic Old Coins

These Coins May Have Greatly Circulated

The Royal Mint has several coins from past monarchs, and quite a few that were in use during 1918, the year World War I ended.


Pairing Old Coins with New Coins

Making a Collectible Set


One set of coins is a new, 2017 one-pound uncirculated coin paired with a 1037 threepenny coin.  This is a set that brings back the 12-sided coin design last used for the 1937 threepenny coin.  There should be a connection between the old coin and the new coin, something that makes the pairing make sense.  These coins are mounted on a mint folder.




Old Sovereign Coins

Old Coins in Gold


The Royal Mint has available several gold sovereigns and half-sovereigns.  In fact, there are also double sovereigns and five-sovereign coins.  Available from the past are the 1887 Victoria Jubilee half-sovereign as well as a jubilee five-sovereign piece.  Also, an 1887 Victoria sovereign graded good to very fine and the Victoria 1887 double sovereign in extremely fine condition.


Other gold coins available include coins from George III, George V, George VI, and Edward VII.  There are sovereign coins of various sizes.



Historic Guineas featuring George III are also available.

Royal Mint Guinea


The Royal Mint also has George II and George III shillings available.



The George II and George III sixpence are also available.



Finally, there is a five coin penny set from the Royal Mint re[resenting five monarchs from Victoria to Elizabeth II.


Five Different Pennies for Five Different Monarchs



The 1918 Sovereign Set

Five Old Coins

In 1918 the Royal Mint, as a result of World War I, suspended minting of gold sovereigns.  However, the Royal Mint had branch mints serving parts of the United Kingdom far away from Europe.  This was the first interruption of sovereign production since 1817 when the first sovereign was minted.


Branch mints in Australia, Canada, and India, however, continued sovereign minting.  Now the Royal Mint is offering a five-coin set of sovereigns from five branch mints.  The set includes a sovereign minted at the Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth Branch Mints in Australia, the branch mint in Ottawa, Canada, and the branch mint in Bombay, India.  These branch mints kept the sovereign from having a full interruption in its production.


Coins of Various Grades

Grading Ranges Are Specified

Many of the coins are specified to have a minimum grade others are given an exact grade.  The grade depends on the coins available to the Royal Mint.  Older coins must be taken in the condition they are in.


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