High Relief Coins from Australia

High Relief Coins from Australia

High Relief Coins from Perth

Three kookaburra high relief coins have just been released by the Perth Mint.   High release Wedged Tail eagles are coming.


The Perth Mint is an Australian government mint, located in Western Australia.  It shares minting duties for Australia’s commemorative coins with the Royal Australian Mint.  The Perth Mint also mints Australia’s bullion coins.  The quality of the coins coming from the Perth Mint is undeniable.


The kookaburra is a popular Australian coin.  It is minted in many forms, some of which are proof coins.  The 2018 high relief coins feature a kookaburra in flight with the full moon in the background.


High Relief Coins

Proof High Relief Kookaburras

A proof coin is struck with well-polished dies and greater pressure than would normally be used.  Being proof alone does not make a coin high relief.  A high relief coin has the depth and detail of the coin enhanced.  The kookaburra is one of the coins the Perth Mint has been striking with a proof finish in high relief for several years.


Two coins in the renown kookaburra series have been released with a proof finish and in high relief.  One is the five-ounce silver coin, the other is the one-ounce silver coin.


The five-ounce silver kookaburra has a mintage limited to five hundred coins.  The one-ounce kookaburra coin has a mintage limited to four thousand coins.  These coins are fine silver coins, with 0.9999 fine silver used.  The five-ounce coin has a denomination of eight Australian dollars.  The one-ounce coin has a denomination of one Australian dollar.  These coins are legal tender for Australia.  Each coin is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.


The Perth Mint Australia

High Relief Antiqued Coin

Rimless High Relief Kookaburra Coin

A two-ounce silver kookaburra coin has also been released.  This coin has an antiqued finish on a rimless coin, and contains two-ounces of 0.9999 fine silver.  The antiqued kookaburra coin is also Australian legal tender, with a denomination of two Australian dollars.  Mintage is limited to two thousand coins.  This coin also comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.


This coin uses a different design.  For this coin the design is a kookaburra flying with King’s Park of Perth as the setting.  The skyline of Perth, Australia, is in the background.


The Perth Mint has been minting a number of antique finish coins.  The antiquing process used may cause each coin to take on a slightly different appearance.


The Perth Mint Australia


High Relief Wedged Tail Eagle

Gold and Silver Proof Coins

The high relief proof gold and silver Wedged Tail Eagle coins also are making an appearance.  They are the most recent issue in a running series.  This year there are three eagles depicted on each coin, one young bird in a nest being fed by an adult eagle as the third eagle approaches.


These coins are minted with proof finishes, and are one ounce each.  The silver coin has a denomination of one Australian dollar, and the gold coin has the denomination of one hundred Australian dollars.  Mintage of the silver coin is ten thousand, and mintage of the gold coin is just five hundred.


These coins are not yet on the Perth Mint’s website, but are being advertised by at least one major dealer.  The Perth Mint has Wedged Tail Eagle coins shown back to 2015 on its website.


Occasionally, a coin that is planned is delayed, and perhaps this is what happened.  So, watch the Perth Mint website for the release.


The Perth Mint Australia


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