Geometric Fauna Canadian Coin Set

Geometric Fauna Canadian Coin Set

Geometric Fauna Canadian Coin Subscription Available

The Geometric Fauna Canadian Coin set of three coins is coming out.  The first of the three coins is now available at the Royal Canadian Mint.  The subscription that reserves the other two coins is also available now.


This is not the first time the Royal Canadian Mint has produced geometric coins.  The geometric part of each of these coins is made using different finishes.  The technique is designed to make the polygons mimic light and shadow.  This is another great innovation by the Royal Canadian Mint that gives these geometric coins a unique appearance.


The previous set of geometric coins, the Polygon Art Collection, sold out at the mint.  This set is being minted in a lower quantity than the Polygon Art Collection mintage.  And, the popular animal theme of the Geometric Fauna Canadian coin set might make this set likely to move quickly.   This is a very desirable coin set.


Geometric Fauna Canadian Coin Designs

The Three Coins of the Set

The first Geometric Fauna Canadian coin is the Grey Wolves coin.   This colorful coin shows a pair of grey wolves at night.  They are in a wooded area, and move under a full moon.  The lead wolf is partially shown in a cluster of geometric polygons, with other polygons appearing to be ready to come onto the wolf.  The second wolf is completely encased.

Grey Wolves of the Geometric Fauna Canadian Coin Set
Grey Wolves of the Geometric Fauna Canadian Coin Set Image by the royal Canadian Mint

1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Geometri…

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Price: C$104.95
Sale: C$104.95


The second Geometric Fauna Canadian coin is the Snowy Owls coin.  One snowy owl flies above a snow covered field while the other perches one of three fence posts.  The flying owl is partially covered with geometric polygons, but the beauty of the owl’s uncovered face is a focal point of the coin.  As with the wolf in the first coin, additional polygons seem to be ready to complete the encasement of the owl.  The second owl is completely encased in polygons.


The third Geometric Fauna Canadian coin is the Orcas coin.  On this coin a black and white orca is breaking the surface of the water as it breeches.  The portion of the orca still below the surface of the water is clad with polygons, and as with the other coins, other polygons appear ready to complete the covering of the orca.  A second orca is completely covered with polygons, as it remains below the surface of the water.  The details are astounding, including the hilly shore in the background.

Geometric Fauna Canadian Coin Subscription
Geometric Fauna Canadian Coin Subscription Image by the Royal Canadian Mint

Geometric Fauna – 1 oz. Pure Silver Colour…


Price: C$99.95
Sale: C$99.95


The mintage of each coin in the Geometric Fauna Canadian coin series is set at six thousand.  The images of all three coins show the year 2018.  These coins are one ounce of fine silver each, using the high purity of 0.9999, the Royal Canadian Mint’s standard.  These coins have a denomination of twenty dollars.  These are all proof coins, and are beautifully colorized.  They each come with a certificate of authenticity.  The obverse of each coin is the Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


In an unusual move, the royal Canadian Mint is currently offering a reduction of five Canadian dollars per coin if they are bought as a subscription.

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