Frozen in Ice Coins Look at Prehistory

Frozen in Ice Coins Look at Prehistory

Frozen in Ice Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

Frozen in Ice coins from Canada celebrate the earlier animals that have been fossilized and later found in Canada.  Although fossils of such animals have a wider reach than Canada, the cold of Canada has certainly done its share of freezing and encapsulating fossil remains.


This is a two-coin series featuring two ice age animals with ties to Canada.  Consistent with the Royal Canadian Mint’s tradition of showcasing Canada, the ties to the past are undeniable.  These coins represent Canada as it was, long before the country of Canada existed.



The Woolly Mammoth Coin

The First Frozen in Ice Coin

The first of the Frozen in Ice coins is the woolly mammoth.  The woolly mammoth is related to the elephant, and resembled the current day elephant with the main exception that it was covered with a thick wool-like coat.  One hallmark of the woolly mammoth is the long tusks of ivory.


The coin is made in fine silver, and the silver is used to enhance the imagery.  The face of the woolly mammoth is shown in dark brown, thick fur.  The image shows the animal facing the viewer.  Encasing the animal’s face is an “ice bubble” with a frost effect at the perimeter.   This gives the illusion of the animal being encapsulated and preserved, while the appearance of a living animal can also be interrupted from the image.  The inclusion of color only for the face of the animal makes the image really stand out, and the frost at the edge of the “Ice bubble” acts as a frame.


The remainder of the forefront animal is in silver, as are the smaller background animals that are used to give the idea of a herd.  This actually is a case of withholding color from much of the coin to really bring the focus to a significant region of the coin.


The artist for the reverse of this outstanding coin is Glen Loates.  Suzanna Blunt is the artist who designed the obverse of the coin that features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


The coin is minted in 0.9999 fine silver.  The weight of the coin is 31.39 grams.  The coin is minted with a proof finish.  Mintage is limited to five thousand pieces.  This coin is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


Woolly Mammoth Silver Coin
Woolly Mammoth Silver Coin Image from the royal Canadian Mint

1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Frozen i…


Price: C$109.95
Sale: C$109.95



The Scimitar Sabre-Tooth Cat Coin

The Second Frozen in Ice Coin

The second coin of the Frozen in Ice coins is expected to be released in June.  That is just a few months away.  This will be a short series of coins which will be easily collected.


The coin features a scimitar sabre-tooth cat with its face colored in great detail.  The face of the cat is encapsulated in an “ice bubble” with a frost framing at the perimeter.  The cat has its mouth wide open.


The specifications of this coin should be similar to those of the woolly mammoth coin.  The only question that remains is whether the same artist also did this outstanding work.


The two coins are available as a subscription.


Frozen in Ice Coin Series
Frozen in Ice Coin Series Image from the Royal Canadian Mint

Frozen in Ice – 1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured…

TWO INNOVATIVE “FROZEN-IN-ICE” DESIGNS! Subscribe today to the 2-coin series! [More]

Price: C$109.95
Sale: C$109.95



Other Prehistoric Coins

These Are Not the First

The Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint in Western Australia have both minted coins depicting prehistoric creatures before.  Generally, these mints produce coins that represent their respective regions.


Both the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint are high quality mints.  Both have evolved from the Royal Mint, and have adopted its high demand for quality.


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The Perth Mint Australia


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