Fireworks at the Falls Coin

Fireworks at the Falls Coin

Fireworks at the Falls Coin a New Canadian Coin

The Fireworks at the Falls coin is a new coin from the Royal Canadian Mint.  It features the spectacular view of Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.  The falls, one of nature’s most spectacular works, are shown in vivid color.


The coin also shows the falls at night, under a fireworks display.  Here, the colors of the fireworks are reflected by the cascading waters.  The result is ribbons of color.  The fireworks can be seen above the falls, set against a night sky.


Fireworks at the Falls Coin Details


The coin is minted to the high standards of the Royal Canadian Mint.  It uses glow in the dark technology.  The coin is shipped from the Royal Canadian Mint with a black light flashlight.  While this is not the first coin of the glow in the dark kind from Canada, it is not part of a series.


The coin contains two ounces of 0.9999 fine silver.


The face of the coin is fifty millimeters, making it a rather large coin.  This enables the mint to give a larger image with great detail.


The color is over the entire reverse of the coin, except the rim.  Many colorized coins are selectively colorized, but this coin is completely covered with color.


The coin has a proof finish, which enhances the details.


Mintage is limited to five thousand coins.


The designer of the image on the reverse of this coin in Tony Bianco.  The obverse is the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, as designed by Susanna Blunt.


The edge of the coin is serrated.


The face value of the coin is thirty Canadian dollars.


Each coin comes with a serialized certificate of authenticity.


The field of the obverse is filled with repeating maple leaf design.


The message on the Royal Canadian Mint website indicates this coin ships free.  I do not know if that is worldwide, but have gotten free shipping to the United states in the past.  The break was, and probably still is, one hundred Canadian dollars.  At this time the United States dollar equivalent is a much smaller number.


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Fireworks at the Falls Coin Collectability

It Is Worth Considering?

The Fireworks at the Falls coin is worth consideration.  It is one of the more beautiful coins to come out.  Even if collecting commemorative coins is not your style, this one is worth a look.


The falls themselves are considered, as per the Royal Canadian Mint, a source of Canadian pride.


This coin is available on Ebay.


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