February 2018 United States Mint Coin Release Schedule

February 2018 United States Mint Coin Release Schedule

United States Mint Coin Release Dates

The United States Mint Coin Release Schedule for February 2018 shows several coins about to come out.  There are some significant coins coming out.  Much of the attention will be on the first quarter of 2018. But, this is not the only coin scheduled to come out.


The United States Mint releases coins throughout the year.  For the January releases please visit out article on these coin found at http://www.blackspanielgallery.com/the-united-states-mint-planned-coin-releases-for-january-2018/.  And please come back for future articles as we go forward, on a month by month basis.


United States Mint Coin Release of another Quarter

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Quarter

The first 2018 quarter of the America the Beautiful series comes out February 5.  Actually, the quarter debuted in January when the America the Beautiful clad proof set came out.  Now the many other versions of the quarter will be available.


On February 5 the quarters will be available in rolls and bags.  This includes quarters from three mints, the Philadelphia Mint, the Denver Mint, and the San Francisco Mint.  The San Francisco quarters regarded as circulation coins do not circulate, and they are only available in these rolls and bags.


The United States Mint coin release of February continues with the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on February 9, when the five-ounce fine silver quarter is released.


On February 20 the United States Mint coin release schedule includes the three-quarter set.  This set includes an uncirculated Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore quarter from each of the Philadelphia and the Denver Mints, and a proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint.


On February 22 the United States Mint coin release of the America the Beautiful silver proof quarters is expected to take place.


The America the Beautiful quarter program has been ongoing since 2010, and is scheduled to complete in 2020.  There is one quarter representing a park, forest shoreline or other natural beauty, or a historical place or event, for each of the fifty states and six territories.  The Pictured rocks National Lakeshore is the quarter for the state of Michigan.

The United States Mint Coin release of Gold

The American Liberty One-Tenth Ounce Proof Gold Coin

The American Liberty gold coin uses the modern design of Liberty.  The coin is minted in 24-karat gold, which has a purity of 0.9999.  This coin is struck at west Point.


There are many sizes of the Gold American eagle planned for March 1, so other choices for gold will soon be available.

The United States Mint Coin Release of the 2018 Dollar

The Native American 2018 Dollar Coin

On February 15 the United States Mint coin release schedule shows the expectation of rolls and bags of the Native American one dollar coins to become available.


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