Emperor Penguin Platinum Coin

Emperor Penguin Platinum Coin

Emperor Penguin Platinum Coin Is Unique and Mysterious

The 2018 Emperor Penguin Australia Antarctic Territories platinum coin is different, and was not easy to get information on this one.  Here at Black Spaniel Gallery we watch what is coming out at some of the large mints of the world.  This platinum coin came out without being noticed.  The mystery deepens when one looks at the Perth Mint website, the coin is not found.  Yet, the coin is missing from the Perth Mint video which introduced the bullion coins of 2018.  It seems it should be in the video, or at the website.  But, we have found it, and have some details.


Emperor Penguin Platinum Coin Details

What We Can Say about the Coin

The coin appears to be a bullion issue.  The reason for this deduction is that it is available from a major coin dealer with a price structure that indicates this.  Normally, bullion coins are available with the price dependent upon the quantity ordered.  This is how the Emperor Penguin platinum coin is being sold.  Another indicator is that it ships in a tube for a large enough quantity.  Commemorative coins generally are packaged one at a time in a nice display box.


The coin is definitely from the Perth Mint.  It bears the P mint mark.  It is minted for Australia, and since it has the denomination of thirty dollars, so it is a real coin.  The obverse contains the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, as does any Australian coin.


The coin is unique.  It is one-third Troy ounce of 0.9995 pure platinum.  This is stamped directly of the obverse of the coin by the Perth Mint.


The coin is minted for the year 2018.  Whether this is the first, or the only, one-third ounce coin minted, and whether any future issues would use the same design, is uncertain.  The website at J. M. Bullion indicates this is the first one-third ounce platinum Emperor Penguin coin.  Does that indicate there will be more?  If so, will the same image be used?  The Perth Mint has a kookaburra silver coin series, and the kookaburra appears in a different pose each year.


The J. M. Bullion website also identifies the artist who designed the coin as Jennifer McKenna.


The website also gives the mintage as limited to twenty-five thousand coins.  This is about right for platinum bullion, since fewer collectors can add more expensive issues like platinum coins, to their collections.


The Perth Mint Australia
Perth Mint Banner


Emperor Penguin Platinum Mystery

Where Is the Coin in Perth’s Video?

Every year the Perth Mint releases a video showing the bullion coins for the year.  The video for 2018 shows the platinum Kangaroo coin as the one-ounce platinum coin replacing the platinum one-ounce Platypus coin.  But, there is no mention of any other bullion platinum coin in the video.



Regardless of why the coin did not get the normal fanfare, it is a beautiful piece, and its smaller size makes it appealing to a wider collecting group.  Viewing the image shown at J. M. Bullion is worth the look.  And, as for quality, the Perth Mint has a stellar reputation.


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