Disney Coins from the Paris Mint

Disney Coins from the Paris Mint

Disney Coins Minted by Monnaie de Paris

Disney coins have been minted by the mint of Paris for several years, and they also had an earlier minting.


The Mint of Paris is an old mint with over a millennium of minting experience, and produces some quality coins.  It is customary for the coins of the Mint of Paris to reflect on France or French culture.  In the 2018 coins Mickey Mouse explores France.  So, even when using a cartoon character, the Mint of Paris has found a way of incorporating the richness of France in the coins.

The 2018 Disney Coins from the Mint of Paris

Mickey & La France

Disney Coins in the series Mickey & La France include the ten coins of the ten Euro denomination already out.  This is part of the first wave.  There are to be ten additional Disney coins in the ten Euro series.  The coins of the first wave are already out, and can be obtained in two ways.  The coins are available individually on beautiful mint cards, and are also available as a set of ten coins in a pouch.  There is an album that goes with the set.


The coins in this series of Disney Coins are supposed to reflect Mickey Mouse discovering France.  They are supposed to be pictures of Mickey Mouse’s adventure of traveling through France.


One coin in the series is “At the Feet of the Iron Lady” in which Mickey Mouse celebrates before the Eiffel Tower.


Mickey Mouse Eiffel Tower
Mickey Mouse Eiffel Tower

















A second coin in the series is “Free as a Bird” with Mickey Mouse parachuting.
















A third coin in the series is “A Trip to the Loire” where Mickey Mouse looks at a museum through binoculars.


Mickey Mouse Museum
Mickey Mouse Museum

















The fourth coin in the series is “On the Avignon Bridge” with Mickey Mouse crossing the bridge.


Mickey Mouse Avignon
Mickey Mouse Avignon

















The fifth coin in the series is “First on the Rope” showing Mickey Mouse ready to do a little mountain climbing in the French Alps.


Mickey Mouse Mountain Climbing
Mickey Mouse Mountain Climbing

















The sixth coin in the series is “Silence, Action” in which Mickey Mouse is a film maker.



Mickey Mouse Film Maker
Mickey Mouse Film Maker

















The seventh coin in the series is “Countdown” with a rocket in the background and Mickey Mouse holding a space helmet.


Mickey Mouse Astronaut
Mickey Mouse Astronaut


















The eighth coin in the series is “The Nice Ramble” in which Mickey Mouse looks at a map while walking in the French countryside.


Mickey Mouse Hiking
Mickey Mouse Hiking

















The ninth coin in the series is “New Wave” with Mickey Mouse surfing at a French beach.


Mickey Mouse Surf Board
Mickey Mouse Surf Board

















The tenth coin in the series is “Norman Picnic” showing Mickey Mouse picnicking in Normandy.


The reason for the multitude of Mickey Mouse coins is the celebration of Mickey Mouse turning ninety years old.


The Fifty Euro Silver Coins

Mickey Mouse

There are two Mickey Mouse uncolorized fifty Euro silver coins from the Monnaie de Paris in 2018.  The first one is now available.  It is titled “14th of July” for Bastille Day.  On this coin Mickey Mouse dance with Minnie Mouse.


There are also two selectively colorized fifty Euro silver coins, with the first now available.  The coin is “Student” with Mickey Mouse wearing a graduation cap and holding a diploma.



The Gold Disney Coins

The Two Hundred Euro Coins

There are also Disney coins in gold, the two hundred Euro coins.  The first of the two gold coins is available, with a collage of image of France behind Mickey Mouse.

Earlier Disney Coins from the Mint of Paris

Duck Tales and Scrooge McDuck

The 2016 and 2017 Disney coins from the Monnaie de Paris featured Uncle Scrooge McDuck and Duck Tales.  Also featured are the Youth themed coins.


In addition to the silver coins mentioned above there are also older gold Disney coins.


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