Discover France through French Coins

Discover France through French Coins

French Coins Can Tell Quite a Story

In 2017 there were twenty-four ten Euro silver French coins that depict France.  These French coins show France as envisioned by the fashion designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier.  These coins comprise a beautiful set, worthy of a beautiful country.  They span all of France, and give an insight into French culture. Now that the set is complete it is worth being the focul of an article.


This set of coins joins the set of men who significantly contributed to French culture, and the set of French women coins showing three women who were significant in French history..


The French Mint, Monnaie de Paris, is one of the oldest mints in the world, having been in operation for about 1150 years.  Indeed, it has done a service to the French people by making coins that speak volumes about France.


The French Coins of the Jean-Paul Gaultier Set

Ten Euro Silver French Coins

There are two dozen French coins in the Jean-Paul Gaultier 10 Euro silver set.  Other coins attributed to Jean-Paul Gaultier exist, but here we will concentrate on this set.


The coins include:

Pris, capitale;

La Champagne, petillante;

L’Auvergne, colcanique;

Lyon la Lumineuse;

La Corse, Corsica;

Orleans la victorieuse;

La Provence Rayonnante;

La Normadie Inspirante;

La Bretagne Pechue;

La Pays Basque, Euskal Herria;

Le Roussillion Dansant;

Le Languedoc Enchanteur;

Paris Universelle

La Lorraine Courageuse;

L’Alsace Gourmande;

La Bourgogne

La Bourgogne Millesime;

Les alpes Tres Pointues;

Le Nord Vivifiant;

La Bretagne, Breizh;

L’Outre-Mer Etincelant;

La Touraine Royale;

La Cote d’Azur Legendaire;

L’Aquitaine Nouvelle; and,

Toulouse la Conquerante.


These are silver coins, minted with a purity of 0.333 silver.  The weight of 408 grams is for the entire set of 24-coins, or 17 grams for each coin.  The series is titled La France Series by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  There is a certificate of authenticity with the entire set.


The coins were issued individually, in two sets of twelve coins each, and in a single set containing all twenty-four coins.

French Coins of Historical Leaders

10 Euro Silver Coins of Men Who Formed France

The series of coins, From Clovis to the Republic, is a multi-year series of coins depicting the men who were significant in building France to what it is today.

This list starts with Clovis, the man who united the Franks in the fifth century.   These coins are also available in gold, but silver coins are much more affordable than gold coins, so we will concentrate on the 10 Euro silver French coins here.


This series began in 2011, and finished in 2015.  The coins came out at a rate of three coins per year.  There are fifteen coins in the series.


The 2011 French coins honored Clovis, 481–511, Charlemagne, 768–814, and Charles II, 840–877, often called  Charles the Bald.


The 2012 French coins honored Hugues Capet, 987–996, Philippe II Auguste, 1180–1223, and Saint Louis IX, 1226­–1270.


The 2013 French coins honored Louis XI, 1461–1483, Francis I, 1515–1547, and Henri IV, 1589–1610.


The 2014 French coins honored  Louis XIV, 1643–1715, often called the Sun King, Napoleon I, 1800–1815, and Napoleon III 1848–1871.


The 2015 French coins honored Raymond Poincare, 1913–1920, Charles de Gaulle, 1959–1969, and
François Mitterand 1981–1995.


These coins weigh 22.2 grams.  They are made with 0.9000 silver.  These coins are available in a proof finish.

French 10 Euro Silver Coins of 2016

Coins Honoring French Women

In 2016 there were three additional 10 Euro silver coins for the women who formed France.   The women honored are Queen Clotilde, wife of Clovis, Queen Mathilde, and Joan of Arc.


These coins weigh 22.2 grams.  They are made with 0.9000 silver.  These coins are available in a proof finish.


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