Coin Videos from the Mints of the World

Coin Videos from the Mints of the World

Coin Videos Are a Fun Way to Learn

Coin videos are popular.  The problem is that many videos simply show a person opening a package containing coins.  It takes time to watch several worthless videos while searching for an informative one.  This problem is solved by going directly to a YouTube channel that is run by a major mint.


Mints are in the business of selling non-circulating coins.  They put time and effort into quality videos that are informative.  The best way to find coin videos worth watching is to find a playlist from a major mint.


Mint Coin Videos Often Do More than Advertise a Coin

Some Coin Videos Show Coins Being Made

A mint has access to more than coins.  The access includes the inside of the mint, including locations into which the public may not be allowed.  The videos are informative.  And, for even those that concentrate on a coin, or a group of coins, the detailed knowledge that the mint has available exceeds what an individual may have.


Another plus is that once you find a video on a coin that catches your interest, you probably can find it available at the mint.


In this article we will provide links to playlists of several major mints, and then to the place to find the coins at the mint.


The United States Mint

The United States Coin Videos

The United States Mint has a coin video playlist that contains recent releases.  The link to the United States Mint on YouTube is

The link to the United States online shop is

The United States playlist is short, and not the only videos it has on YouTube.  Others can be found by searching for United States Mint.  Just watch the listing to verify it is actually from the United States Mint.

The Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint Coin Videos

The Royal Canadian Mint has several hundred videos.  Of course the Royal Canadian Mint produces a plethora of coins annually.   Another reason for such a lengthy playlist is the fact that Canada requires the Royal Canadian Mint to produce releases in both English and in French.  This requires a diligence in choosing a video, but the titles make it clear which language is used in the video.


The Royal Canadian Mint’s YouTube channel is found at and the videos are grouped by type.  Finding the coins of the Royal Canadian Mint’s website is easy.  It is located here.


The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint Coin Videos

The Perth Mint is Western Australia is an official government operated mint for Australia.  It shares minting duties with the Royal Australian Mint.  The Perth Mint is responsible for minting bullion, and for many of the commemorative coins of Australia, as well as for Tuvalu.


The Perth Mint coin videos are numerous, and including both coin videos and videos showcasing the Perth Mint.  The Perth Mint’s videos are separated by type.  Some feature coins, others feature the Perth Mint, and so on.  The Perth Mint channel is at  Find the Perth Mint online shop is here.


The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint Coin Videos

The Royal Mint has over a millennium of history, and high quality coins.  But, it has kept up with modern times.  Follow the link to YouTube and click the word playlists.  The channel will then display the different topics of interest.  This helps refine your search to the topic of interest.  Then, find here to the Royal Mint shop.  Please note that the bullion coins are best found at the Royal Mint Bullion site here.


Monnaie de Paris

The Paris Mint Coin Videos

Another historic mint with deep roots in producing coins is Monnaie de Paris, the Paris Mint.  The link to the Paris Mint Coin Videos is and are in French.  But, the images are worth the effort of watching.  You can visit the Mint of Paris coin shop here.


Coin Videos


Not every mint has a channel.  But, for those that do it is a wonderful way to view new releases and learn about the coins.  Or, visit a mint and learn about the minting process virtually.


Please feel free to visit this page often.  The playlists highlighted update often.


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