Coin Value: What’s My Coin Worth?

Coin Value:  What’s My Coin worth?

What Is the Coin Value?

Coin value is important.  When buying a coin, you would not like to spend more than what is reasonable.  If you later sell a coin, you would want a fair coin value to be placed on the coin.  Coin books can help place a value on a coin only to a point.  Books for one year often come out in the early months of the year before the date on the books, so they can have values that are about a year or two too old.  Remember, the date the books come out is not the day the information was compiled, the effort of getting the book ready, and printed, takes time.


Dealers have regular updated priced on Greysheets.  But, do these updates merit purchase by an average collector?  They cost money.  Unless you are buying or selling large enough quantities of coins regularly, or have a really rare coin to insure, perhaps you should look at something less costly.  Or, you can visit a coin shop and ask the dealer to share information.


Remember, any value found in any resource could be in error.  Typos do occur.


Coin Value Sites Online

Free Coin Value Sites

Coins change in value often.  Bullion, and other coins that are basically priced by their precious metal content, can change in value significantly over a short period of time.  Other coins usually change in value more slowly.  So, the free sites can be of value, but are best used for coins other than those whose values are determined by their precious metal content.


United States coins can be checked on a website called NumisMedia Fair Market Value Guide.  It is easy to use.  Select the coin, then select the grade range that includes the grades you are interested in.  Going to another coin is just a matter of going to the link that allows selecting another coin.  This site updates monthly.


Canadian coin values are given on Coins and Canada.  It is also an easy site use, and even gives the date of the last 250 updates.



Determine a Bullion Coin Value

What Are the Precious Metals Worth?

Many sites give spot prices for bullion.  Tracking gold bullion, silver bullion, or platinum bullion requires a site that updates frequently.  Even daily updates are too inadequate.  A site like XE is a great resource.  It is a currency converter, so you must find the metal in the currency chart.  Gold is coded XAU, silver is coded XAG, and platinum is XAG.  Select the quantity.  One ounce is good for a per ounce value.  Then select your currency on the right side of the converter.


This site can also be helpful when purchasing from foreign mints.

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What Is the Coin Value of My Graded Coin?

Does a Grading Service Add Value to a Coin?

Coin value can be influenced by professional, third party grading.  Some quality services have coin value pages.  The values assigned by PCGS can be found here.  And the values assigned by NGC can be found here.  These two services are highly regarded by numismatists.


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