Coin: Disney Pixar Cars Silver Coin

Coin: Disney Pixar Cars Silver Coin

The Cars Silver Coin series, Disney Pixar Cars, features five brightly colored coins.  These coins are minted by the New Zealand Mint, a private mint that mints coins for several nations.  This particular series of coins is minted for the island nation of Niue.  It is known for commemorative coins, and uses the New Zealand Mint for some, but not all, of its issues.


Four of the coins are for Disney Pixar Cars, and one for Disney Pixar Cars 3.  So, they can be thought of as a four-coin series with one added coin, or a five-coin series.  The New Zealand Mint lists all five coins as part of a collection.


The Disney Pixar Cars Coins

Coin Specifications


These coins are legal currency for the nation of Niue, and have a denomination of two dollars each.  One dollar on Niue is equal to one New Zealand dollar.


The coins are minted to the specifications of one Troy ounce of fine silver.  The current purity of fine silver in use for these coins is 0.999.  Some mints have now gone to 0.9999 purity, but the New Zealand Mint is still using the older standard of 0.999 purity.


Each coin is limited to a mintage of 10,000.


The year of issue for each of these coins is 2017.


The physical diameter of each coin is forty millimeters.  The edges are milled.  The finish is proof, and the coin obverse is colored with vibrant enamel.


Each coin is in an individual holder that fits into the box.  And, each coin is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.


The reverse of each coin, as is with many coins from nations formerly part of the Unite Kingdom, features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth I.


The Lightning McQueen Cars Silver Coin

A Red Colored Car

Lightning McQueen Cars Cars Silver Coin
Lightning McQueen Car Cars Silver Coin from Amazon

The Lightning McQueen silver coin shows the number ninety-five Lightning McQueen car from the front, with a glimpse of the number on the driver side.  The car is its traditional red color with orange trim including flames and its number.  It is shown passing a Radiator Springs sign that indicates it is leaving the area.


The Sally Cars Silver Coin

A Blue Colored Car

Sally light blue car Cars Silver Coin
Sally Car Cars Silver Coin from Amazon

The Sally silver coin is of the Sally car shown in a blue color.  Sally is shown from the front with a view of the passenger side.  The car is set against a hilly background which is supposed to be Radiator Springs.  There are no other highlights on the car other than the eyes and mouth.

The Doc Hudson Cars Silver Coin

A Dark Blue Colored Car

Doc Hudson Hornet Blue Car Cars Silver Coin
Doc Hudson Hornet Car Cars Silver Coin from Amazon

The Doc Hudson silver coin shows a dark blue car.  It is shown from the front, and the decals on the passenger side are evident.  The decals include the wording Fabulous Hudson Hornet and the number fifty-one.  Twin H-Power is shown on the side of the hood.  It is shown with a similar background as the Sally car.


Tow Mater Cars Silver Coin

The Wrecker

Tow Mater Wrecker Cars Silver Coin
Tow Mater Wrecker Cars Silver Coin from Amazon

Tow Mater is the rusty tow truck with buck teeth.  It is shown leaving Radiator Springs just like the Lightning McQueen car, and also is shown from the front with the driver side visible.  The sign on the door is visible.


The Disney Pixar Cars 3 Silver Coin

Two Cars on One Coin

Two cars from Cars 3 including Lightning McQueen Cars Silver Coin from Amazon
Disney Cars 3 Silver Coins from Amazon

The Cars 3 coin features Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez in a yellow car, with racing indicators in the background.  The Lightning McQueen red car now is advertising Rust-eze, and the yellow car is promoting Dinoco.


This coin does not have the Cars insignia in the center top position, as does each of the other coins.  So, it is reasonable to consider the other four coins as a complete collection.

Disney Cars Silver Coins

Cars 3

There is no indication that more Cars 3 silver coins will be released, but there is no indication that none will be either.  The New Zealand Mint has a habit of maximizing Disney silver coin designs.

Other Disney coin designs by the New Zealand Mint include the Disney character series, featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, and Goofy.  Then came the series of Disney Princesses.  Star Wars has been done, and there even are Pirates of the Caribbean silver coins. In fact, some other coins seem to be single designs, such as the Crazy in Love coin featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  The New Zealand Mint is producing a plethora of Disney silver coins.

Some of the other series are the focus of other articles found here, and others possibly will be covered in future articles.

In addition to the colorized silver coins, the New Zealand Mint has issued some gold Disney coins, and some silver coins without colorization.  The Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willy and the Darth Vader silver coins are considered bullion, and as such are lower in price.

We at Black Spaniel Gallery will be adding new and exciting articles in the future, so check back for what is new in coins from mints you may not be following.




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