Coin Collector Gift Ideas

Coin Collector Gift Ideas

Coin Collector Gift Ideas Other than Coins

Coin collector gift ideas may seem apparent, but they are not.  Coin collections are unique.  People have different interests that they collect.  One might collect Morgan dollars, another might collect Mercury dimes, and yet another might collect British pennies.  Giving a coin as a gift may, or may not, be a gift of the right kind of coin to fit the collection.


Then, coin collectors do not often collect just to amass a quantity of coins.  Once a year and mint mark for a particular coin is added to a collection there will either be no need for another, or the coin will be replaced if a better grade one becomes available.  Owning duplicates is not the point of a coin collection.


Coin Collector Gift Ideas Pitfalls

Causing a Problem

Giving a coin collector a coin needed for the collection might seem safe, but it is not.  Suppose a coin collector collects Buffalo nickels.  A nice coin for a hard to get year becomes available, so it is bought and given as a present.  Perhaps it is a quality MS-55 coin, a rare quality for such an old coin.  But, at a show the collector finds the same year and mint mark on a better grade coin, say an MS-63.  After purchasing the better coin, the collector has a dilemma.  What will happen to the coin obtained as a gift?  Selling it could e problematic, especially if the giver of the gift ever asks to see the coin.

Coin Collector Gift Ideas:  Books

Give a Topic Book

A general coin catalogue, such as the well-known “Red Book” might duplicate something already owned by the collector.  But, a book on the specific coin type that the person collects may be appreciated.


First, do your due diligence and subtly ask if the collector has a book on the type of coins being collected.  If the answer is yes, ask which ones.  There are quite a few books on many coin types.  The Bower Series is just one place to look, there are others.  And, perhaps a good book on grading would be appreciated.


Coin Collector Gift Ideas:  Coin related Items

Coin related Items Are Often Appreciated

One good place to find coin collector gift ideas is Zazzle.  Some of the Zazzle products include coin images.  The nice thing about Zazzle products is that they can be personalized.  Adding a name, message, or even choosing the color, size and style of any lettering is possible.  Zazzle products are designed to be customized.  And, if you do not like the image you can add your own.


The products available are many.  Some ideas that might be considered include coffee mugs, shirts, magnets, bags, and even wall art.  Wall art allows the quality to be selected from poster to wrapped canvas, as well as the size of the poster or print.  Occasionally, a largest print will be available for an item due to image quality.





I'm a GEM of a NUMISMATIST! Magnet
I’m a GEM of a NUMISMATIST! Magnet

I’m a GEM of a NUMISMATIST! Magnet

by blackspanielgallery




Numismatic Gift Baby Bodysuit
Numismatic Gift Baby Bodysuit

Numismatic Gift Baby Bodysuit

by blackspanielgallery


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