Coin Collecting Supplies and Handling

Coin Collecting Supplies and Handling

Coin Collecting Supplies Protect Coins

Coin collecting supplies are essential to collecting.  Coins need protection, both from the environment and from physical contact.  In fact, it is quite possible for damage to reveal itself years later, so always handle and store coins properly.


The possibility of abrasive damage can occur from handling.  That part is obvious, since those fine details are important if the coin is to retain its value.  But, oils in the hand can transfer to a coin.  Perhaps they will be unnoticed at the time, but years later the discoloration can appear.  Always handle a coin by its edges, and if you must press it into something wear clean cotton gloves.  Inexpensive gloves for this purpose are easily found.  And, having a coin graded cannot guarantee there is no unseen damage that will manifest itself later.  If the coin is encapsulated by a mint, the best practice is to keep it in its original capsule and never open it.  That capsule helps keep the coin from being handled, and also offers protection from the pollutants in the atmosphere.


Coin Collecting Supplies

What Are the Different Kinds of Protection?

A folder can offer some protection, but wear cotton gloves to press the coins into place.  And, it is always a possibility one slot will wear, and the coin fall out.  Handle the folder as though there are loose coins within.


Coin folders for United States coins, and for Canadian coins, can be found on Amazon.  Coin folders for British coins are available from the Royal Mint.


Flips offer some protection, but are not air tight.  They are great for transporting a coin, such as in the mail.  But should not be the sole protection of the coin.


Mylar 2X2 holders, those cardboard holders with windows, work quite well, and are the inexpensive option.  These are fine, especially for inexpensive coins.  It is unreasonable to spend a dollar protecting a fifteen cent penny.  As a rule, do not spend more on protection than the value of the coin.


Air tight capsules work really well, but again remember the cotton gloves if the coin must be pressed into the capsule.  Here, size is critical.  The coin must not slide about too freely.  Remember, limiting airborne pollutants and physical abrasion are both critical.  Of course washers can be used in capsules.  Get these from a coin supply source.  They really reduce movement, but require pressing the coin into place.  Direct fit capsules are fine, if the proper size is used.


Plastic flips are much like capsules, but are square on the outside.  Instead of using a vacuum and friction to remain closed, they rely on a plastic clasp.  As long as the clasp holds, hey should be fine.


Grading services provide nice encasements called slabs.  These offer good protection.


Coin supplies are available on Amazon.



Other Coin Collecting Supplies

What Else Could a Collector Want?

Well, not much more is really needed.  A magnifier can be a nice addition.  And, one or more books might be of assistance with your collection.


Coin books are available at Krause Books, Barnes and Nobles, and at Amazon.


Proper Handling of a Coin

How Should Coins Be Handled?

Not seeing your coins is contrary to having an interesting collection.  You should be able to view your coins.  But, there are things to avoid.


Even if you cannot see anything, small bits of saliva come forth when speaking.  Never hold an exposed coin in from of you when speaking.


Another problem is change of temperature.  Coming into a warm home with a coin from cold weather can cause condensation.  Water coming out of the air can include pollutants.  Allow coins not encapsulated time to adjust.


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