Coin Capsules Offer Protection

Coin Capsules Offer Protection

Coin Capsules Are Worth Consideration

Coin Capsule
Coin Capsule

Coin capsules protect coins from physical contact.  This reduces significantly the possibility if abrasive wear.  The coin capsule prevents direct contact.  Of course you must use the right size capsule.


Direct contact not only can cause abrasion, but oils can be transferred from a finger to a coin.


Another form of protection provided by coin capsules is environmental protection.  Contaminants in the air can cause damage.  Even speaking with a coin in front of you can have small, unseen bits of saliva fall on the coin.  But, with a coin capsule that is no longer a real concern.  There is little room for air in the capsule, and nothing will fall directly onto the coin.


Coin Capsules Differ

Coin Capsules from Different Manufacturers Are Not Exactly the Same

There are several companies that make coin capsules.  One thing you should ask is whether the capsules will remain clear, or will they become cloudy.  Remember, the protection from the air is compromised every time you open the capsule.  So, clear capsules help you enjoy your collection without changing the capsule.


Another problem is scratching.  Some brands scratch easily, others are resilient.

Perhaps the possibility of discoloration, or even scratching, is not important to you.  After all, your coins should be protected.  But, there is another consideration.  The outer diameters may differ, depending on which brand is chosen.  Among the main brands are Air-Tite, Guardhouse, and Lighthouse.   And, I have read complaints regarding outer diameters.  Why?  Well, the next issue to consider is storage.  If the diameter is different from another brand capsule, the coin capsule may not fit a tube that holds capsules of the brand well, if at all.


Understanding Coin Capsules

The Name

Perhaps you bought H-40 capsules, or perhaps H-38.  The letter is for the outer diameter.  Both will fit in the same tube.  But, the number determines the inner diameter.  Yes, lower numbers are smaller inside, and may have thicker sides.


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Coin Capsules

The First Decision

Before making any other choice, first choose between direct fit coin capsules and coin capsules with washers.  Direct fit capsules, also called coin holders, are my choice, since the coin’s edge is somewhat visible.  Those capsules with washers are more unsightly than direct fit capsules, in my opinion.  And the capsules with washers are for some sizes larger than direct fit.  But washers keep the movement down.  There must be a little play in order to get a coin into a direct fit capsule.  And, the same capsule size can be stored in a greater quantity, since all A capsules are alike, all H capsules are alike, and so on.


The thing I really do not like about capsules with washers is the need to press the capsule into place.  This requires cotton gloves, if the coin is pressed on its surface.


Perhaps No Coin Capsules is Best

There Is a Cost

Coins of little value, like circulation coins collected to form a set, should not be protected with coin capsules.  If the cost is not a small percentage of the coin’s value, the coin does not belong in a capsule.


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