Coca-Cola Silver Bars

Coca-Cola Silver Bars

75-Anniversary of Bottling Plants Coca-Cola Silver Bars

To celebrate its bottling plants reaching their 75th anniversaries the Coca-Cola silver bars were produced.  These do not represent the 75th anniversary of the Coca-Cola Company, it has a longer existence.  Initially, Coca-Cola was not bottled, but sold at soda fountains.  This became clear when the 100th anniversary rounds, not silver, came out in the late 80s.


Not every location had its bottling plant built at the same time.  The 75th anniversary silver bars span over a decade.  Many bottling plants used a unique design, although there are some repeated designs.  Each does display the location of the bottling plant it represents, so in that sense the Coca-Cola silver bars are unique to the bottling plant represented for every location.


75th Anniversary Coca Cola Fine Silver Round Louisiana 1977
Louisiana Coca-Cola Silver Round


The Collectible Coca-Cola Silver Bars

The Details if the Coca-Cola Silver Bars

The Coca-Cola silver bars are also called silver ingots.  The bars were minted in fine silver of a purity of 0.999.  Each bar is numbered.  In order to see the number on a Coca-Cola silver bar one must look at the edge, which is inscribed with the weight and purity as well as the serial number.  It you do that handle only by the edge as you would an uncirculated coin.  Many, but not all, of the Coca-Cola silver bars were minted by the Worldwide Mint.


Mintages can be found in a guide book for Coca-Cola silver bars by Thomas A. Mock, who worked with J. Archie Kidd, an authority in silver bars, titled Coca-Cola Bottler’s 75th Anniversary Ingot and Round Guide Book 1975 – 1988.  The mintage is less than authoritative in determining the number of bars that exist, since there was a period in the early 1980’s when silver prices soared.  The result was many silver pieces were melted down.  In fact, some minted bars were never released, so using the serial numbers to get a feel for the number of bars in existence is misleading.  For mintage numbers we refer you to the guide mentioned above.  It also gives the year of issue for each bar.  We will not repeat the contents here out of respect for the amount of work the author did.  The list below is basically information we obtained from watching Ebay to determine which locations issued silver bars, so we can provide it.


The Coca-Cola silver bars have images on both sides.  Some are quite artistic.


The reason so few full sets come available is that not every bottling plant distributed the silver bars in the same manner.  Some sold them to the public, others distributed them via contests, and still others distributed them to employees or distributors.  So, even if someone wanted all of the possible silver bars some had to be purchased in the secondary market.



Coca-Cola Silver Bars List

Bottling Plants Issuing Silver Bars

Notice that most bottling plants represent cities, but a few represent entire states.


Abilene, TX

Amarillo, TX

Anniston, AL

Athens, GA

Atlanta, GA

Augusta, GA

Birmingham, AL

Bristol, VA/TN

Brunswick, GA

Buffalo, NY

Campbellsville, KY

Charlotte, NC

Chattanooga, TN

Chicago, IL

Cincinatti, OH

Clarksville, TN (Extremely Rare)

Columbia, SC

Columbus, GA

Corinth, MS

Dallas, TX

Denver, CO

Elizabethtown, KY

Evansville, IN


Fort Smith, AR

Frederick, MD- RARE

Gadsden, AL

Gadsden, AL (Rare)

Greenwood, SC

Houston, TX

Huntsville, AL

Jackson, TN

Kansas City, MO

Knoxville, TN

Little Rock, AR

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Louisa, Kentucky


Louisville, KY

Meridian, GA

Meridian, MS


Mobile, AL

Montgomery, AL

Mt. Hood, OR (VERY RARE)

Mt. Rainier (Pacific Bottling Co.)

Nashville, TN

Norfolk, VA

North Carolina

Orangeburg, SC (Rare)

Petersburg, IL (Rare)

Philadelphia, PA

Roanoke, VA

Rockwood, TN

Salem Rolla, Missouri

Savannah, GA

Selma, AL

Shelbyville, KY

Shreveport, LA (RARE)

Springfield, Missouri – Two Types

Sumter, SC

Terre Haute, Indiana

Youngstown, OH


A few locations issued rounds.  Louisiana issued a silver round and aluminum purple, green, and gold anodized rounds, Honolulu issued bronze and plastic rounds, and Louisville issued bronze rounds plus a single gold round.  But, of all issuing bottling plants, only Louisiana and Honolulu did not issue a silver bar.


Some silver bars have multiple types.

One-Sided Coca-Cola Silver Bars

Probably Test Strikes

Mints often perform test strikes.  Judging from one-sided Coca-Cola silver bars appearing on Ebay it seems some test strikes got out.  These are very rarely seen.


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  • Kenneth Roberts

    Hello just curious came across this bar and was trying to do some research. It is a Clarksville TN bar but has no serial number on the side? Is this common for the Clarksville bar?

    • blackspanielgallery


      The Clarksville Coca-Coal bar is a rare bar with a mintage of 100. This bar should not have any marking on the edge.

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