Cheap Silver Coins from the Perth Mint

Cheap Silver Coins from the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint Australia

Cheap Silver Coins from the Perth Mint Are an Opportunity

Cheap Silver Coins from the Perth Mint are available, but the opportunity will soon end.  Occasionally some major mints must reduce old stock.  Sometimes such reductions result in offers to approved dealers.  But, as 2018 begins we find The Perth Mint making astounding offers directly to the public.


Buying direct from the Perth Mint is easy.  It is similar to buying anywhere else, just fill out the order form and make your payment.  You may have to register first, but that is a simple process.  If you have the option, pay in your own currency.  Otherwise, expect a minor currency conversion fee.


How good is the sale?  Some coins are marked down as much as forty percent.  Some others are thirty or twenty percent off.  And the sale includes 
, and an Australian coin catalog.


Buy enough to save the shipping.  Right now there is an excellent conversion rate of United States dollars to Australian dollars.  They use the Australian dollar amount to determine if shipping becomes free.  It used to be three hundred dollars, which is considerably less in United States dollars, and may still be the point of free shipping.  This means you might be able to get one or more extra coins and reduce what you will pay.

Cheap Silver Coins from the Perth Mint Include Silver

Some Coins You Might Like

Some of the coins marked down include silver, and even gold, coins.  Others are nice base metal coins.  And, there are even many popular coins minted at the New Zealand Mint that are being sold by the Perth Mint.  And they all come packaged directly by the issuing mint.


Star Trek one-ounce fine silver coins in special cases are available. 
There are several coins to choose from, and you can choose more than one.  These are New Zealand Mint coins being sold by the Perth Mint at discounted prices.


There are also Star Wars fine silver coins available, including Rey and Yoda silver coins.  These are also New Zealand Mint issues available at the Perth Mint.


There are Discover Australia fine silver coins from 2013.  These are Perth Mint coins.


There are half-ounce fine silver coins from the popular “The Cubs” series of Perth Mint coins available.  Half-ounce coins are really inexpensive.


There are Disney coins from the New Zealand Mint that include Frozen coins and Disney Princess coins.  These are also available at the Perth Mint.


Perth Mint map-shaped silver coins are included in the sale.  These uniquely shaped coins are great to add to a coin collection.


From the New Zealand Mint there are silver Doctor Who coins available at the Perth Mint.


And, the incredible Treasures of the World North America coins, both the Silver and gold issues, are on sale at the Perth Mint.  These precious metal coins each have a window containing turquoise.  They are from the Perth Mint series that showcases a treasures from various parts of the world.  The turquoise stone is the choice for North America.


Also included are Mythical Creatures and Dinosaur silver coins.


There are many more.  Six pages of sale items can be found on the Perth Mint’s website.  A few are marked unavailable or sold out, but most are still available.  It is well worth the visit to the site.


These coins are dated from past years, some as far back as 2013.  I suspect there is a need for space, so the Perth Mint is selling older stock at discounted prices.  This is a rare opportunity, and great way to purchase some quality pieces at incredible prices.  And mixing current coins in the order is fine.  So, look through the entire website and see some real quality pieces.

The Perth Mint Australia

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