United States Coins

2007 Burnished American Silver Eagle

United States coins that are of interest to coin collectors who live in the United States.  The mint releases coins throughout the year.

Unlike other mints, the United States Mint does not colorize coins.  The coins are not innovative as are the coins of many foreign mints.  There are no holographic coins.

The United States Mint does excel in variety of coin finishes.  Of particular interest to collectors are the reverse proof coins.

Currently, the America the Beautiful Quarter Program, and the now complete State Quarter Program, have gotten the attention of many numismatists.  These quarters offer the coin collector an opportunity to add several different quarters to a collection annually.

When discussing commemorative United States coins, a distinction is often made between the modern commemorative United States coins and the old, half dollar silver coins.  The older commemorative coins are highly desired by collectors.

Perhaps the Morgan dollar is the most desired of all United States coins.