Silver Coins

2007 Burnished American Silver Eagle

Silver coins are popular.  The simple reason appears to be that silver is much lower in price than gold or platinum.  In this part of the coin blog we handle silver coins, and any other silver items, such as silver medallions.


Historically, 0.900 purity was the standard of silver coins, especially in the United States.  Some coins contain 0.925 silver, or sterling silver.  Current minting allows, and many coins now contain, silver with a purity of 0.999, and even 0.9999.


Silver bullion coins have been discovered by numismatists, and are often collected.  The line between bullion and business strike silver coins has blurred.  And, silver is the metal many mints use extensively for commemorative coins, frequently striking them with a proof finish.


The one-ounce coins are popular, and five-ounce coins can be easily obtained.  Smaller coins have a large markup over the value of silver.  Larger coins are out of the affordable range of too many collectors.