Gold Coins

2016 1/20 oz Gold Year of the Monkey Coin

Gold coins are beautiful pieces, and can really add to a coin collection.  Whether the gold coins are bullion, new proof pieces, or older pieces, we enjoy sharing knowledge with our readers on them.  Watch here for future articles.


Here we will add any articles that deal with gold coins, gold bars, or gold rounds.  It is important to understand that all gold coins are not alike.  Some coins are more desirable than others.  This might be due to the mintage being low, or the coin might have an interesting subject matter.


Gold coins exist from current year issues back in time to ancient coins.


Older United States coins are particularly interesting.  Some nice grade coins, such as XF or AU, can be had for only a small amount over the value of the gold.  In general, the smaller coins cost the largest percent over gold value. So, larger coins often bring more gold for the money.  The problem is that selling larger coins requires finding a buyer who can afford to purchase the.  There seem to be more people looking for the smaller coins, which might be partially why they cost more than larger coins for a given total weight.