Canadian Coins

Canadian coins are the responsibility of the Royal Canadian Mint.  The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the finest mints in the world, and a leader in innovative coinage.
The coins come out throughout the year.  The Royal Canadian Mint produced a number of commemorative coins.  Many are grouped into short series of coins, making the series easily collected.
Canadian coins often are in the finest of precious metal of 0.9999 purity.  This high quality is the hallmark of the mint.
Themes of Canadian coins are often taken from nature.  If a person is a nature lover, whether it is animals or beautiful landscapes, Canadian coins should be appreciated.
As for the innovations of the Royal Canadian Mint, the coins include three-dimensional coins, spectacular enameled coins, and outstanding hologram coins.  There have been coins in a variety of metals, and even bimetallic coins.  The products of the Canadian Mint are well worth consideration by collectors.