Australia Coins

Australian coins include coins from a multitude of mints.  Initially, Australian coins were mined by branch mints of the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom.  Those branch mints became available to mint Australian coins once Australia became an independent country.

The Australian government now operates two mints that produce Australian coins, one of which is the Perth Mint with responsibilities of minting bullion coins and commemorative coins.  The other mints are now combined, and the one remaining mint of three, the Royal Australian Mint, mints Australia’s circulating coins and some commemorative coins.

Australia now mints decimal Australian coins, but the change from the old British denominations of Australian coins occurred in the sixties, so older coins are still being collected by numismatists.

In this section of the blog we provide news of some interesting releases by the Perth Mint, and may also address any Australian numismatic topic.  Most of the Perth Mint issues are for Australia, with a significant number of coins of Tuvalu.