Captain Cook Coins Celebrate Discovery

Captain Cook Coins Celebrate Discovery

Captain Cook Coins from the Royal Mint

Captain Cook coins are to be issued one per year from the Royal Mint.  The first one is now out.  The series will be three coins celebrating the voyages and discoveries of Captain Cook.


The 250th anniversary of the voyages of Captain James Cook   Featured in the series are Captain Cook and the ship, HMS Bark Endeavour.   The ship was a bark commanded by James Cook when he discovered Australia and New Zealand.  His discoveries are highly significant, and include not only such places as Australia and New Zealand, but many islands.  He also landed in what is now Canada.  Captain James Cook was highly significant in expanding the British Empire.


This is the 250th anniversary of the setting sail on the HMS Bark endeavor by James Cook.


The Royal Mint Captain Cook Coins

Coins from the Country for which Captain Cook Sailed

The Royal Mint is offering three series of three coins each.  The designs are identical for each series, and can be seen below.  But there are different metal content for each version of the coins.


Captain Cook Coins
Captain Cook Coins – Image is a link to the Royal Mint




The silver proof coins contain a Sterling silver inner core and a Sterling silver outer ring plated with fine gold.  Each coin weighs twelve grams.


Captain Cook Coin Silver Proof
Captain Cook Coin Silver Proof- Image is a link to the Royal Mint



The gold proof coins weigh 12.97 grams.  The inner part is yellow gold, and the outer ring is red gold.  All of the gold used is 22-karat gold.


Captain Cook Coin Gold Proof
Captain Cook Coin Gold Proof- Image is a link to the Royal Mint



There is also a brilliant uncirculated version of the coins.  These also have an outer ring, but the metal used is all base metal.


Brilliant Uncirculated captain Cook Coins
Brilliant Uncirculated captain Cook Coins – Image is a link to the royal Mint



The features that are in common are the outer ring exists for each version of the coins, and there is wording on the edge.  The edge of each coin features the words “Oceani Investigator Acerrimvs.”


The design on the reverse of the first coin is by Gary Breeze.  The obverse design is the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark.

Captain Cook Coins from Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint Has a Series of Captain Cook Coins

There are also Captain Cook coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.  The coins feature Captain Cook and the ship HMS Resolution.


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Captain Cook

Cook’s Significance

Captain James Cook made voyages of discovery that opened places far and wide for colonization.  His significance to the expansion of the British Empire is immense.


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Images used above are from the Royal Mint.



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