Canadian Mosaics Coin Series

Canadian Mosaics Coin Series

Canadian Mosaics Coin Innovation

The first coin of the Canadian Mosaics coin series is now out.  The next two will follow shortly.  The series will consist of three coins that each feature a different animal associated with Canada.


The Canadian Mosaics coin series uses a new innovation in coin making.  The colors have varying translucency that fit together to form the image.  This gives the impression of mosaic tile.  The image involves different colors separated by silver lines.  The mosaic appearance covers the entire reverse of each coin, except for the rim.


The metal used for this series of coins is fine silver.


The Canadian Mosaics Coin Series Titles

And Expected Release Dates

The first coin that was just released is the Caribou.  The caribou is seen close-up, and the background represents hills and sky, with small clouds.


The second coin is the Grizzly.  This coin is expected to ship in August, 2018.


The third coin is the Cougar.  This coin has an anticipated shipping date of September, 2018.


The set of coins is now available as a subscription.


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The Canadian Mosaics Specifications

The Coin Details

The coins in this series are minted as 0.9999 fine silver coins.  Each coin contains one ounce of silver.  The finish for each coin is proof.  Mintage is limited to six thousand pieces for the Caribou, and probably will be the same for the Grizzly and the Cougar.  The diameter of the coins in this series is thirty-eight millimeters.


Each of these coins is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.


The reverse for the Caribou coin is Jori van der Linde.  The obverse contains the effigy of queen Elizabeth II as designed by Susanna Blunt.


He coins are available on Ebay.



The Subjects of the Coins

Canadian Animals

The caribou, grizzly, and cougar are all repeating subjects on Canadian coins.  They represent the animals indigenous to Canada.  While other animals such as the wolf are also indigenous to Canada, the choice of these three is an excellent choice.


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The Quality of the Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint Commitment to Quality

The Royal Canadian Mint has a reputation for high quality coins.  There is a special commitment to the quality of the commemorative coins being released.  In addition, the Royal Canadian Mint is among the best in the world, and can be argued to be the best, when it comes to innovations.  These coins are among a myriad of coins using special techniques in their production.  It is always interesting to see what the royal Canadian Mint will come up with next.


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