2018 Canadian Dime Proof Set Royal Canadian Mint

2018 Canadian Dime Proof Set Royal Canadian Mint

Canadian Dime Celebrated by the Royal Canadian Mint

The Canadian dime is now the focus of a wonderful proof set, The Legacy of the Dime.  This is a set of five Canadian dimes using the original designs that have been used over many years.  The Canadian dime has changed over time, and these commemorative coins reflect the changes.


Each Original Canadian dime had several significant differences with the current coins in the set.  First, each original Canadian dime was minted with a lower purity of silver than what is currently being used.  Another aspect of the current dimes is they are larger than their original counterparts.  And, the current dimes are selectively enhanced with gold.


These dimes are being minted in proof.  They are not circulation pieces, as were most of the original dimes.  They all bear the current year, 2018.  However, unlike most Canadian coins, they have the historical effigy of the monarch from the time they circulated.  Most Canadian coins minted currently have the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.


The Legacy of the Dime - Canadian Dime Series
The Legacy of the Dime Royal Canadian Mint Image

Pure Silver Gold-Plated 5-Coin Set – Legac…

For added historical accuracy each reverse design is paired with its original obverse! … [More]

Price: C$709.95
Sale: C$709.95



The 1936 Dot Canadian dime

The Comparison

The 1936 Canadian dime featured a wreath on the reverse.  It weighed a mere 2.33 grams.  The reverse contained the effigy of King George V.  The coin was minted in 0.800 silver, but earlier pieces were minted using 0.925 Sterling silver.  The change occurred in 1920.  This coin reverse design was produced from 1858, which predates Canada as a nation.  Initially, there was a province named Canada.  The provinces of Quebec and Ontario came from the province of Canada.


The current proof coin is 2 ounces of fine silver, with a purity of 0.9999.  The coin is enhanced with gold on both sides.  The coin has a proof finish.


The 1947 Bluenose Canadian Dime

The Comparison

The 1947 Canadian dime features the Bluenose, a sailing ship.  It was a schooner built in Nova Scotia.   The dime weighed 2.33 grams, and the silver was 0.800 pure.  The obverse featured King George VI.


The new dime is two ounces of 0.9999 fine silver, and enhanced with gold on both sides.  This coin has a proof finish.


The 1967 Centennial Canadian Dime

A National Celebration

The confederation of Canada began in 1867, but with only four provinces.  Other provinces came into the confederation later.  The 1969 dime celebrates the centennial of the birth of a nation.  The coin features an Atlantic mackerel, and has a purity of 0.800 silver.  This coin has the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.


The new dime is one Troy ounce of 0.9999 fine silver, and is enhanced on both sides with gold.  This is a proof coin.


The 2001 Year of the Volunteer Canadian Dime

The Coin Details

The obverse of this coin is the image of three portraits and the sun.  The coin weighs 1.77 grams of nickel plated steel.  The obverse has the effigy of queen Elizabeth II.


The new dime is a proof coin minted in 0.9999 fine silver, with gold enhancing both sides.


The 2017 Wing of Peace Dime

Still Another Historical Coin

The Wing of Peace dime has a reverse that gives the illusion of a bird with maple leaf wings.  This coin features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse.


The new coin is one ounce of fine silver, with a proof finish.  Both sides are enhanced with gold.


The Dime Set

A Limited set of Coins

The mintage of the proof set is just three thousand sets.

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