Canadian Coin Sets of 2018 from the Royal Canadian Mint

Canadian Coin Sets of 2018 from the Royal Canadian Mint

2018 Canadian Coin Sets Now Available

One of the easiest ways to collect the Canadian coins of the year is to buy one or more of the Canadian coin sets.  Already three different Canadian coin sets are available, two with one coin unique to the set.  There is a six-coin specimen Canadian coin set with a special Canadian dollar coin.  Another is the six-coin uncirculated coin set.  Then there is the seven-coin silver proof set with a special proof dollar included.


These are excellent sets of Canadian coins, and make acquiring the annual coins of Canada easy.  And, if all are bought in a single order the silver proof set alone qualifies for free shipping according to the Royal Canadian Mint website.  There may be destination restrictions on free shipping.

The Captain Cook Silver Canadian Coin Set of Proof Coins

A Commemoration of Captain Cook at Nootka Sound

This proof set contains a commemorative dollar for the 240th anniversary of Captain Cook at Nootka Sound.  The commemorative silver dollar is 23.17 grams, and is made of 0.9999 fine silver selectively plated with gold.  The coin shows Captain Cook gilded in gold standing with a telescope in hand.  Also shown is his ship, and a small boat.  The background includes another ship, mountains and trees.  A gilded ring at the coin’s rim includes a twisted rope effect.  The initials JMH on the coin’s reverse are for the maritime artist, John Horton.  Captain Cook’s ship is the HMS Resolution, and the other ship is the HMS Discovery.


The obverse contains the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, which is also gilded in gold, along with the ring around the rim.  The obverse ring is plain, unlike the ring on the coin’s reverse.


This proof set is the only place the gilded silver dollar is being released.


The two-dollar coin is that of a polar bear.  It is 9 grams and has a composition of 0.9999 fine silver with the inner disk plated with gold on both sides, making it appear to be a bimetallic coin.


The one-dollar coin is the loon with a composition of 7.89 grams.  This coin is also 0.9999 fine silver.  The entire coin is plated with gold to make it look more like the one-dollar circulation coin.


The remaining four coins are fine silver coins.  Their denominations are fifty cents, twenty-five cents, ten cents, and five cents.  They contain 9.25, 6, 2.54, and 5.4 grams of fine silver, respectively.


Mintage of the set is 15,000, which sets the limit on the silver selectively enhanced with gold commemorative dollar’s mintage.


The set comes with a serialized certificate, and in a leather book-style case.


Captain Cook Silver Proof Set
Captain Cook Silver Proof Set

2018 Pure Silver Proof Set – 240th Anniver…

Selective gold-plating on your proof dollar! LOWER MINTAGE THAN PREVIOUS YEAR! Order to… [More]

Price: C$234.95
Sale: C$234.95

Canadian Coin Set of Uncirculated Coins

The Uncirculated Coin set of 2018

The Canadian coin uncirculated coin set contains six coins, the same images as the Captain Cook silver proof set.  The differences are this set does not contain the commemorative dollar, nor is any silver or gold used.  Mintage is higher at 75,000, but the price is much more affordable.


This is an excellent way to collect the circulating coins of the Royal Canadian Mint, and even get fifty cent coin which does not circulate.


2018 Canadian Coin Set of Uncirculated Coins
2018 Canadian Coin Set of Uncirculated Coins

Uncirculated Set (2018)

Limited opportunity to collect 2018 classic coin designs! Order today! [More]

Price: C$26.95
Sale: C$26.95



Canadian Burrowing Owl Specimen Set

A Six-Coin Canadian Coin Set


The six coins of the Canadian Specimen set include the two dollar, fifty cents, twenty-five cents ten cents, and five cents coins similar to the six-coin uncirculated set.  The one-dollar coin is what sets this set apart.  It contains the image of an endangered species, the burrowing owl. In fact, the burrowing owl dollar can only be found in this set, so it is well worth consideration.  The loon dollar is missing from this set.


Mintage for this set is 30,000.


Burrowing Owl Specimen Canadian Coin Set
Burrowing Owl Specimen Canadian Coin Set

6-Coin Specimen Set – Burrowing Owl (2018)

Your stunning burrowing owl coin is exclusive to this 6-coin specimen set! Order today! [More]

Price: C$51.95
Sale: C$51.95



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