Britannia Proof Coins

Britannia Proof Coins

Britannia Proof Coins Have a New Look

Britannia proof coins are the best of the Britannia series.  They are the prized coins in a highly desirable series.  The Britannia, along with the Sovereign, really popularize the coins of the Royal Mint.


The 2018 Britannia proof coins are now out, and the image on the reverse is different.  The coin design features Britannia in profile, with face large enough to cover the entire coin.  The design is by David Lawrence.  The effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse is the design of Jody Clark.


The design of the Britannia proof coins is used for the entire range of fine silver, pure gold, and pure platinum.


The special image is a plus.  It solves the problem of people having a proof coin graded and substituting a nicer uncirculated coin in the case.  Other mints should follow this lead.


A New Britannia Proof Coin

The One-Kilogram Silver Britannia

In addition to the new look, a new size coin is being struck for 2018.  It is the one-kilogram silver coin.  This is a 999.9 pure silver coin.  The weight is given as 1005.00 grams.


This coin is being minted with a limited mintage of only two hundred fifty coins according to the specifications on the Royal Mint page, but a heading on the page indicates there is just one hundred fifty available.


The one-kilogram coin has a diameter of one hundred millimeters.  This allows for easy viewing of the details of the design.


The Silver Britannia Proof Coin Range

The Eight Coins

In addition to the one-kilogram coin, the five-ounce silver proof coin is not in the proof set.  The one-ounce silver coin is both in the proof set and sold individually.  But, there are five coins in the silver proof set that are not otherwise available.  These are the half, quarter, tenth, twentieth, and fortieth ounce proof coins.  So, in order to buy the entire range one must purchase a proof set, and add the kilogram and five-ounce coins.  Of course the popular one-ounce coin Is an excellent choice for those just wanting a 2018 Britannia.


The purity of the silver coins is 0.999, except for the one-kilogram size coin.


Royal Mint image and link 1 Ounce silver Proof Britannia
Royal Mint image and link 1 Ounce silver Proof Britannia



The Gold Britannia Proof Coin Range

The Seven Coins

The two coins that can be purchased separately are the five-ounce and quarter-ounce coins.  There are two proof sets available.  One contains three coins, which include the half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and tenth-ounce coins.  The other includes the same three coins, and in addition is the exclusive source of the one-ounce, twentieth-ounce, and fortieth-ounce gold proof coins.


It is possible to purchase the entire range with the six-coin proof set and the five-ounce coin.


The purity of the gold coins is 00.9999.


Royal Mint Image and Link Gold Proof Britannia Coins
Royal Mint Image and Link Gold Proof Britannia Coins



The Platinum Britannia Proof Coins

Only One Size Minted

The only size the proof Britannia coin come in is the quarter ounce for platinum coins.  The platinum quarter-ounce coin has a purity of 0.9995, which is standard for the purity of many platinum coins.


Platinum bullion coins are one ounce and a tenth ounce.  The tenth ounce is not available at the Royal Mint Bullion website, so it must be ordered from a dealer.



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