Bottlenose Dolphin Bullion Coin

Bottlenose Dolphin Bullion Coin

The Bottlenose Dolphin bullion coin is the beginning of a new bullion series for 2019.  The series is the Dolphin bullion series, and we will eagerly await next year’s coin to see if the image changes.  Some series, such as the American Eagle, and the Canadian Maple Leaf reuse the same image, while other series like the Australian Kookaburra and the Australian Koala change the image annually. 

Do not assume from the above that this coin will change design annually because it is Australian.  The Australian Kangaroo uses the same image year after year.  Also, this coin is being issued by the Royal Australian Mint.  All other bullion coins are issued by the Perth Mint, a different Australian mint.  These two mints are independent of each other.

2019 Silver Bullion

The Silver Bottlenose Dolphin Coin

The new silver bullion coin featuring the Bluenose Dolphin shows a dolphin jumping from the ocean against a setting sun.  This is an impressive coin, and would make an excellent addition to any coin collection.

The coin has a denomination of one Australian dollar, and is legal tender.  Mintage for this coin is the low quantity of twenty-five thousand pieces.  The coin contains one Troy ounce of 0.999 fine silver.  The obverse has the effigy of queen Elizabeth II.

In the past it has often occurred that the first coin of a series rises in value over time, since people tend to find the series after the year ends.  There is, of course, never a guarantee of this happening, but it is a good idea to obtain one while they are not priced higher.

The Gold Dolphin Coin

2019 One-Ounce Coin

This coin also comes in gold.  The gold coin has a purity of 0.9999.  Each coin contains one ounce of gold.  The mintage on the gold coin is just 250 pieces.  Each gold coin comes with a certificate of authenticity, and in a nice display case.  The denomination for the gold coin is one hundred Australian dollars.

Finding Dolphin Coins

The Royal Australian Mint refers customers to Apmex.  Apmex claims to be the exclusive distributor for these coins internationally.

The gold coin has yet to arrive at Apmex, according to their website.  The expected delivery date is January 24, 2019.

The silver coin has sold out at Apmex, except for some specially packaged.  It is not known if the entire twenty-five thousand coins have all been minted and delivered.  The Apmex website has this as a “Notify me” item.

The silver coins are available on the secondary market, such as Ebay.

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