Bird of Paradise Coin from the Perth Mint

Bird of Paradise Coin from the Perth Mint

Bird of Paradise Coin a Bullion Coin

The Bird of Paradise coin is a fine silver one-ounce coin scheduled for release this month.  There is also a gold Bird of Paradise coin.  The image, by artist Jennifer McKenna shows a Victoria’s Riflebird with an open beak atop a branch with wings open and ready for flight.


The reverse of the coin features the effigy of queen Elizabeth II.


This coin follows the successful Swan and emu coins.  The Swan is now a coin in a growing series.


This is a further continuation of the major mints shifting towards more bullion coins.


Are The Swan and Emu Bullion Coins?

They Are Called Bullion Coins?

In the case of the Swan, there are both bullion and proof coins minted.  But, are any of the swan coins and emu coins really bullion coins?


In some cases, it is clear whether or not a coin is a bullion coin.  A bullion coin that is close to the price of the spot precious metal it contains is clearly a bullion coin.  We should not expect some value over the spot metal price.  There is some cost in minting the coin, and those who sell the coin should be able to make some profit.  So, a slight markup of, say twenty percent for the best price or so is acceptable.  The best price is what one would pay if buying a large quantity, and paying in the lowest markup manner.  It makes a difference whether one pays with a check, a bank wire, a credit or debit card, or even bit coin.


For commemorative coins, if the coin has a rather large markup, and comes in a case or on a mint card it probably is a commemorative, numismatic coin.


Both of these coins, the Swan and the Emu, are sold like bullion, not in a case, nor mounted on a mint card.  The issue is both the Swan and the Emu are priced at over twice the spot silver price.  This begs the question:  How much over the silver spot price can a coin be marked up and be considered bullion?  Since the Perth Mint considers these bullion, does a major mint have the option to determine if a coin is bullion?



The limited mintage of fifty thousand silver Bird of Paradise coins, and five thousand gold coins makes these coins look less like bullion issues.  But, other bullion coins have had limited mintages.  At least the initial price is correct for bullion.


I would not consider the Swan, nor the emu, as bullion coins.  So, it is unlikely of the Bird of Paradise is a follow-up coin that it would price where I would consider it bullion.


The silver Bird of Paradise is lower in price that the Swan or the Emu, and close to Iron Man coins in price.  This is discussed below.


The Perth Mint Australia

The Tuvalu Bullion

Are They Priced Too High to Be Bullion Coins?

The early May release of Iron Man is now also being sold as a pre-sale coin.  It has a markup of close to fifty percent, about the same as the markup of the Bird of Paradise coin.  It is also considered to be bullion.


Iron Man is also a Perth Mint issue.  It follows Spiderman, Thor, and the Black Panther.  The Black Panther is an earlier 2018 release.  These are considered bullion coins for Tuvalu.  There is a license agreement with Marvel that allows these coins to be minted.





More Bullion Coins

There is a move towards more bullion coins, and collectors are ready to purchase them.  This was covered in an earlier article on this blog.  These coins mark the seventh and eighth silver bullion coins from the Perth Mint in 2018, and if the Swan and emu are counted, the ninth and tenth.   Please read here.

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