Biblical Theme Coins and More

Biblical Theme Coins and More

Biblical Theme Coins and Religious Theme Coins

Biblical Theme coins reflecting both the Old Testament and the New Testament exist.  And, other coins such as Saint or holy scene coins are also available.


Not all countries have the separation of religion and state, as does the United States of America. So, it is quite possible for some countries to issue coins with spiritual significance. In fact, it is expected of the Vatican City coinage, and of the Israel coinage. Other countries that include spiritual themes in modern day coinage include Belarus, the Cook Islands, and Austria. Even Australia has now issued a coin honoring Australia’s first canonized saint!


Noah’s Ark Coins

Biblical Theme Coins of the Old Testament

The Armenian silver bullion Noah’s Ark coins are quite popular.  One reason is that they are available in many sizes, including fractional coins.  But, perhaps the other reason is that they are indeed Biblical theme coins.


Biblical Theme Coins from Europe

European Silver Programme

The European Silver Program is currently in its third year of a five-part segment of the Ages.  This segment of the European Silver Program is an opportunity for European nations to showcase art. The year 2018 is dedicated to the Baroque Age.  Examples of religious art abound from the Baroque Age.  Already, two coins that could be considered Biblical theme coins are out.  One a scene from the New Testament, is the Baptism of Christ, the Malta coin.  An entire article can be found on this blog on this coin.  Italy chose to depict a statue of Saint Veronica, the person who wiped the face of Jesus.  Whether the Shroud of Turin is the cloth actually used, the person and event are reported in the New Testament.  An entire article on this coin can be found on this blog here.


There is a possibility that other nations will mint religious art coins during the 2018 Age of Baroque year.


Biblical Theme Coins of the Old Testament

Israel Biblical Art Stories of the Old Testament

Israel has issued Biblical story based coins in silver and in gold.  These coins have been issued annually, with a different story for each year, starting in 1994 and running through 2014.  Since the Old Testament is the Bible of the Jewish people, and a major part of the Bible of Christians, these coins have a wide appeal.


The Coins of the Biblical Art Coin Series are listed below.


Binding of Isaac – 1994


Solomon’s Judgement Day – 1995


Miriam and the women – 1996


Noah’s Ark – 1998


Stars Over Holy Land – Abraham – 1999


Joseph and His Brothers – 2000


Tower of Babel – 2002


Jacob and Rachel – 2003


The Burning Bush – 2004


Moses and the Ten Commandments – 2005


Abraham and Three Angels – 2006


Wolf Shall Dwell, Fox, Lamb – 2007


Parting of the Red Sea – 2008


Sampson and the Lion – 2009


Elijah in the Whirlwind – 2010


Jonah in the Whale – 2011


Samuel in the Lion’s Den – 2012


David Playing for Saul – 2013


Jacob Dream – 2014


In 2015 and 2016 there were three-coin sets of Judaica Bible coins issued.


Windows of Heaven Coin Series

Religious Art of Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows in famous cathedrals and churches make a basis for the theme of a Cook Island coin series. There is another similar coin series that has started since, the Palau Holy Windows series.


The Windows of Heaven coin series began in 2010 and eventually morphed into the Giant Windows of Heaven.

These coin of the Windows of Heaven coin series are issues of the Cook Islands and have a denomination of $10. These coins are 50 grams, and composed of 0.925 Sterling silver. They come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are boxed. Low Mintage: 2,000 The windows are fully colored, and represent some of the most famous stained glass art in the world.


Many of the images used make these Bible theme coins.


The Windows of Heaven Coins are listed below.


The Cathedral of Cologne – 2010

Cologne – 2010

Westminster Abbey – 2011

Notre Dame de Paris – 2011

Cathedral of Saint Petersburg Saville Cathedral -2011

Seville – 2011

Church of Saint Catherine Bethlehem – 2012

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral – 2012

Church of Saint Francis Krakow – 2012

Church of Saint Grancis Chartres Notre Dame Cathedral- 2013

Milan Cathedral – 2013

Charters Cathedral – 2013

Sacre Coure Momtmartre – 2014

Metropolitan Cathedral Buenos Aries – 2014

Jerusalem Dominus Flevit – 2015

Zagreb Cathedral – 2015

Hagia Sophia – 2016

Cathedral La Seu Palma de Mallorca – 2016


The Giant Windows of Heaven coins are listed below.

Cologne Cathedral (3 large rectangular coins) – 2014

Notre Dame – 2015

Saint Peter’s Basilica – 2016

Berlin Cathedral (3 large rectangular coins) – 2017


The Holy Windows Series have a denomination of $10, a fine silver content of 50 gram 0.999 Ag, and an antique finish.  Mintage is 999, which is a low mintage.  These are beautiful numismatic coins, and rather rare coins.  The shape of the coins in this series is diamond shaped, which makes them unique.


As with the Windows of Haven series, these include many Biblical theme coins as well as other religious images.


The coins in this series are listed below.


Santiago de Compostela – 2011


Saint Peter’s Basilica Vatican – 2011


Saint Patrick’s Cathedral New York – 2011



Votive Church Vienna – 2012


Cathedral of Brasilia Brazil – 2012

Saint Peter – 2012


Cathedral of Augsburg – 2012


Saint Vitas Cathedral – 2013


Pisa Cathedral – 2016


Notre Dame Cathedral – 2017


Papal Visits Inspire Coinage

Historical Coins

There are numerous countries that have coins honoring Pope John Paul II, either as a person of significant importance or in honor of a papal visit to a country. These could be considered as religious, or one might simply consider them as historically significant. Usually these are struck to commemorate a papal visit. While Pope John Paul II is the most common subject of such coins, other papal coins can be found.

The Abbeys of Austrian Coinage

Coins of Austria

The Austrian Mint produced several collector coins in silver with a ten Euro denomination that feature religious abbeys. At the same time the Austrian Mint was producing coins depicting castles, so the abbey coins could be considered as honoring historical places, just as the castle coins honor significant buildings of the past. The buildings are Melk Abbey, Nonnberg Abbey, Göttweig Abbey, Seckau Abbey, and St. Paul im Lavanttal. These could be considered coins of a spiritual or religious nature, but only in an incidental manner.


The abbeys were issued in 2006 and 2007 as 10 Euro and 20 Euro Sterling silver coins.


Belarus Honors Orthodox Saints

Two Series of Coins

While Not Biblical Theme Coins, these coins are of religious significance.


This requires an answer to the question what are Orthodox saints?  When the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches split, there were many things that they had in common.  One was the proclamation of saints.  Some of the same saints are common to both religions, but others are not.  The Roman Catholic Church has strict guidelines for Canonization of a Saint.  But, for about a millennium, things were not so.  A bishop, or perhaps a priest, could proclaim a person a saint.  After the formal rules were accepted, only those who could still be considered a Saint were Canonized.  Many were removed from the list.  Since the split occurred prior to the rules for Canonization, the Orthodox Church uses the less rigid set of guidlines.


Belarus, has in 2008, through the Mint of Poland, issued a five-coin series honoring Orthodox Saints. These definitely carry a religious message. Each of the five coins in this series are available as proof silver coins, proof gold coins, and uncirculated gold coins. The silver coins have an oxidized finish, giving them a unique appearance. Each coin also contains four synthetic stones. The coins are round, but a colored rectangular image appears on the obverse of each, making the coins take on the iconoclastic look. These coins were minted by the Mint of Poland for the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. The subjects of the Belarus Orthodox Saint series includes St. Panteleimon, St. Seraphim of Sarov, St Seraphim of Sarov, St. Sergii of Radonezh, and St. Nicholas.


In 2013 a second series has been issued.


Andorra Coins

Holy Helpers Coin Series

The Principality of Andorra has commissioned the Mint of Poland to produce ten dinar “coins” featuring saints. Technically, these cannot be called coins because the Principality of Andorra has converted to using Euros. However, that technicality cannot detract from the beauty of the Holy Helper Series.  The reason for the problem was a delay in being granted authority to mint Euros, and a desire to issue commemorative coins.

A beautiful set of silver rounds are available in a series called Holy Helpers. The 2010 issues include Saint Catherine, Saint Barbara, Saint George, and Saint Christopher.  The fifth and final coin of this series was issued in 2011 and featured Saint Margaret.


Please add any coin or coin series that you are aware of that fits this theme.  This can be done in the comment section below.  For practical reasons this article cannot include all examples.


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