Baroque and Rocco Coin from Spain

Baroque and Rocco Coin from Spain

Baroque and Rocco Coin for 2018

The Baroque and Rocco coin from the Royal Mint of Spain is making its appearance.  A couple of sellers on Ebay have advertised the coin.  The question is whether it is really out.


We have been monitoring the expected release of this coin.  At first the coin was listed on the Royal Mint of Spain website, or more properly Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre – Real Casa de la Moneda “National Coinage and Stamp Factory” which is normally abbreviated FNMT-RCM.


Spain has normally participated in the European Silver Programme, or Eurostar.  Under the releases for 2018 the coin was absent.  However, under Forthcoming Releases its images were present.  The coin was flagged as designed, but awaiting final approval.  In recent visits to the website it is obvious that the coin has moved to the 2018 releases and the flag removed.  What is still lacking is the details of the coin, and a way of purchasing the coin.  View it here.


The coin is available in two metals, Sterling silver and gold.  The Sterling silver Baroque and Rocco coin for 2018 has a denomination of ten Euros, or eight reales.  It weighs twenty-seven grams.  The 0.999 fine gold Baroque and Rocco coin for 2018 is two hundred Euros, or four Escudos.  It weighs thirteen and a half grams.  These coins are minted in proof quality.  Each coin has a very limited mintage.  The Sterling silver coin has a mintage limited to seven thousand five hundred pieces.  The gold coin has mintage limited to two thousand five hundred pieces.


The reverse of the coin is divided into three images representing architecture, art, and a person of significance during the Baroque and Rocco Age.  This use of three images is similar to the last two coins issued by Spain as part of the program.  The obverse is the effigy of King Filipe VI wearing the insignia of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Spain.


The previous two years coins represent the Contemporary Age, or Modern Age, and the Age of Iron and Glass.  The next two years will be for coins representing the Age of the Renaissance and the Gothic Age.


The five ages are a thematic in the overall coin program.  The European Silver Program started in 2004.  Spain has participated annually, and it is expected the Spanish contribution to the program will continue.


It should be noted that earlier coins were not divided into three parts, only the coins of the Ages thematic.


For more on the European Silver Programme please look here.

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