Aviation and History Coins – French Series

Aviation and History Coins – French Series

Aviation and History Coins from Monnaie de Paris

A third coin of the Aviation and History coins has been released.  This is a French coin series that began in 2017.  Currently, there are three coin designs for the Aviation and History Coins.  Two coin designs were released in 2017, and the first of the 2018 designs is now out.


These coins come in both silver and gold, and in a multitude of sizes.


As with many French coins, both the obverse and the reverse of each coin is topic relative.


First of 2018 Aviation and History Coins


The first of the 2018 Aviation and History coins features the Dakota aircraft.  It is a transport airplane used for D-Day and in the Berlin Airlift.  The obverse celebrates the Berlin airlift with a Dakota fling over the Brandebourg Gate.  Also featured is the Berlin Airlift monument.  The other side of the coin is an image of two airmen, which is the same for the 2017 coins.  (Note that the obverse is declared by the Monnaie de Paris.  Normally, the unchanging side is the obverse.)


The aircraft was first designed by McDonald Douglas in 1936.  (The above information is extracted from the Monnaie de Paris website.)


The Monnaie de Paris indicates there is to be two coins released in this series annually.


Aviation and History Coins


There are two silver coin sizes using these designs.  One is the ten Euro coin, and the other is the fifty Euro coin.  Both coins have a proof finish.  The fifty Euro coin is minted with a purity of 0.950.  The ten Euro coin is minted with a purity of 0.900.  The ten Euro coin is 22.2 grams, while the fifty Euro coin is 163.8 grams.  Mintage for the ten Euro coin is set at three thousand cons.  Mintage for the fifty Euro coin is set at two hundred fifty coins.


There are three gold coin sizes for 2018, the five hundred Euro coin, the two hundred Euro coin, and the fifty Euro coin.  These are all minted with 0.999 pure gold, which is twenty-four karat gold.  They weigh five-ounces, one-ounce, and a quarter-ounce, respectively.  All have a proof finish.  Mintage for the largest coin is just ninety-nine.  Mintage for each of the other sizes is five hundred coins each.


The five-ounce gold coin is new for the 2018 issue.


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The 2017 Aviation and History Coins

The Two Coin Designs

The first issue of the Aviation and History coins was the A-380 flying with the globe in the background.  The number of passengers and distance flown by the inaugural flight of the A-380 in 2007 are found on the coin.


The second coin in the series for 2017 is the Spirit of Saint Louis.  The airplane is shown flying over Paris at the end of the first trans-Atlantic flight.  Both the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty can be seen, denoting the end and beginning locations of that historic flight.


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