Austrian Guardian Angel Coins

Austrian Guardian Angel Coins

Set of Four Coin Austrian Guardian Angel Coins

The designs of the Austrian Guardian Angel coins have finally all been released.  The first two coins were released in 2017, and the last two coins are 2018 issues, the last of which is forthcoming in the near future.


The coins in the set of Austrian Guardian Angel coins come is two forms, the silver coins and the copper coins.


The silver coins contain one-half ounce of silver fine weight, with a purity of 0.925, which is the purity of Sterling silver.  The silver coins have a denomination of ten euros.  The special uncirculated coins are mounted on a mint card in a blister pack.  The proof coins come in a display case.


The copper coins are just fifteen grams in weight, and are ten euro coins.  The cost of the ten euro coins at the mint is just ten euros, but cannot be shipped by the mint to the United States.  The copper coins come as uncirculated coins.


These coins are minted by Munze Osterreich, the Austrian Mint.


Austrian Guardian Angel Coins Saint Michael

The First Coin of the Series

The Saint Michael coin was released on February 22, 2017.  Saint Michael is regarded as the Protecting Angel.  The reverse of the coin depicts Saint Michael slaying a dragon.  The obverse shows a sword with a weaved blade, a set of scales, and the letter M.  The proof coin also has elements colored blue.


Austrian Guardian Angel Coins Saint Gabriel

The Second Coin of the Series

The Saint Gabriel coin was released September, 6, 2017.  Saint Gabriel is called the Revealing Angel.  The obverse of the coin shows Saint Gabriel pointing a finger towards Heaven.  The reverse shows a lily and the letter G.  Elements of the proof coin are colored orange.


 Austrian Guardian Angel Coins Saint Raphael

The Third Coin of the Series

The Saint Raphael coin was released February, 14, 2018.  Saint Raphael is called the Healing Angel.  The obverse of the coin shows Saint giving a blessing.  The reverse shows a pilgrim’s staff crossed with a fish, and the letter R.  Elements of the proof coin are colored green.


Austrian Guardian Angel Coins Uriel

The Fourth Coin of the Series

The Uriel coin will be released September 5, 2018.  Uriel is called God’s Light.  The obverse of the coin shows Uriel holding a light.  The reverse shows a flames and the letter U.  Elements of the proof coin are colored yellow.



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