Antiqued Silver Coins Go to Three-Dimensional Impact

Antiqued Silver Coins Go to Three-Dimensional Impact

New Antiqued Silver Coins enhanced by 3-D Glasses

A new antiqued silver coins series by the Perth Mint will incorporate modern technology.  This is an innovation that comes unexpectedly.


Antiqued silver coins have been around for some time.  The Perth Mint in Australia has been at the forefront in antiqued silver coins, minting quite a few different coins last year.  Their antiqued silver coins generally come as two-ounce coins. The large quantity of silver allows the mint to have a deep coin where a true three-dimensional appearance is possible, thus making the coins high relief.


These coins are designed to look old, as though they came from antiquity.  This appearance is enhanced by making them have no rim, which is consistent with the ancient coins minted by hand.  While these are not hand minted, they have that old coin appearance.


The Antiqued Silver Coins New Series, Warfare

The First Coin Is Now Out

The first of the three coins that make up this series is 99.9% Pure Australian Silver Coins from The Perth Mint Australia! “>Roman Legion.  This coin is minted in two Troy ounces of 0.9999 fine silver.  The coin has a denomination of two Tuvalu dollars, which trade at the same rate as Australian dollars.  The maximum release of the mintage is two thousand coins.


The reverse features Roman legionnaires in combat with Gallic opponents.  The scene includes two cavalrymen in the background of the battle.   The background also includes an elephant and an eagle.


The obverse includes an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


The first coin of the series comes with 3D viewing goggles, and work with an internet connection.  These are not the glasses one will find at a movie theatre.  This will enable you to immerse yourself into a colorful 360-degree panorama of the Roman legion at war.  The glasses will also work with the other two coins of the series.  This is a different twist to coinage.  It is nit apparent is the coin itself plays a role in the planometric viewing, and possibly only an app is needed.


Antiqued Silver Coins Warfare Series

The Remaining Issues

The 99.9% Pure Australian Silver Coins from The Perth Mint Australia! “>Perth Mint gives us a hint of the future releases.  The second coin in the series is called Vikings.  The third is called Cavalry.  Vikings is easily understood, but Cavalry could be a scene from any mounted army.  It will be interesting to see the choice from the many possibilities that the Perth Mint has made.


The enhanced panoramic view for the future coin issues requires the use of 3D goggles.  It is unclear, but perhaps any panoramic 3D goggles would work.  What is apparent is that we cannot expect to have the 3D goggles included with the second or with the third coin of the series.


The Perth Mint Australia

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