Adding 2018 Coins to Your Collection

Adding 2018 Coins to Your Collection

2018 Coins in Set

Adding 2018 coins to your collection should also mean adding high quality 2018 coins.  The cheap, and sometimes fun, way of adding current year coins is to find them in circulation.  But, these coins have been handled, and may have damaging oils deposited on them, the damage from which may appear years later.  Worse is that not every coin can be found in circulation.  In the United states San Francisco quarters are considered circulation coins, but are not distributed for circulation.  They can be purchased from the United States Mint, but only in quantities you do not need.  In both the United States and in Canada the half dollar is still minted, and collectors of half dollars need them in their collections, but are not distributed for circulation.  These are found in sets and in rolls from the mint.  So, searching change, or even rolls from the bank, will not complete your collection.


The United States 2018 Coins

Mint Sets and Proof Sets

Unlike many other mints, the United states does not release all of its sets at the beginning of the year.  And, it has multiple versions of its sets.  Another thing about the United States Mint’s sets is that there are coins not included.  For example, the proof set contains only San Francisco coins, and none from Philadelphia, nor from Denver.  The uncirculated mint set does not include the San Francisco coins.


There will be both clad and silver proof sets, and proof sets for quarters only containing clad and silver quarters.  The uncirculated sets, one containing all coins, and one containing the quarters only, will be released later in the year.


There will also be five sets, one for each America the Beautiful quarter, containing uncirculated quarters from the Philadelphia and the Denver Mints, along with a proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint.


2018 Coins Available from the Royal Canadian Mint

Both Uncirculated and Proof 2018 Coins Listed

The Royal Canadian Mint has already listed both its uncirculated and proof coin sets.  These are now available on the Royal Canadian Mint’s website.  The uncirculated set contains six coins, and the proof set contains eight coins.


2018 Canadian Uncirculated Coin Set
2018 Canadian Uncirculated Coin Set

2018 Classic Canadian Uncirculated 6-Coin Set

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Price: C$26.95
Sale: C$26.95
2018 Canadian Silver Proof Set
2018 Canadian Silver Proof Set

2018 Pure Silver Proof Set – 240th Anniver…

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Price: C$234.95
Sale: C$234.95



2018 Coins Available from the Royal Mint

British 2018 Coins Now Available Now

The United Kingdom offers two proof sets, and two uncirculated coin sets that will satisfy many collectors.  The proof sets include a set of both circulating and commemorative 2018 coins, and a set of only commemorative coins.  The uncirculated sets include a set of circulating coins, and a set of both circulating and commemorative coins.  These four sets are already listed on the Royal Mint’s website.  In fact, there are several other proof sets available, for those desiring a more complete set of proof coins.

Royal Mint Annual Set
Royal Mint Image


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