2019 Kookaburra Coin

2019 Kookaburra Coin

2019 Kookaburra Coin Now Available

The 2019 kookaburra coin has become available to pre-order.  The coin will be released later this in October, 2018, so the coins available are being sold as a pre-sale.  This coin is one of the popular silver bullion coins of the Perth Mint.  It is available as a fine silver coin.  The annual kookaburra coin is always a unique appearance of the kookaburra, a bird associated with Australia.  The kookaburra is perhaps on the same level as the kangaroo and the koala as a symbol of Australia.  The 2019 coin shows the kookaburra perched on a branch protruding from water.


The series began in 1990.  It has had much success as an Australian bullion coin.  Many older coins command a high premium.


The obverse of each coin contains the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.  Since this coin has had such a long run multiple effigies have been used.


The 2019 kookaburra coin can be found on Ebay.


2019 Kookaburra Coin Sizes

There Will Be Several

The first 2019 kookaburra coin will be the one-ounce coin.  This coin has the denomination of one dollar.  Later there will be larger size issues.  The kookaburra is not issued in smaller sizes.  There was, in years past, half-ounce silver proof kookaburra coins.


Larger silver kookaburra coins will follow.



The Perth Mint Bullion Program

The Perth Mint releases its bullion program on video.  The 2019 bullion program is no exception.  The vireo is released on YouTube, and is shown here.




The bullion video is usually fairly accurate, but last year not all bullion coins were included.  The rectangular dragon coins were not in the group of coins shown.  Also, a platinum coin featuring the penguin came out through dealers, but there was no indication of the coin in the video.  The Perth Mint produces coins for Tuvalu, a small island nation.  In 2018 there were Tuvalu bullion coins.  The video includes only Australian bullion coins.


99.99% Pure Australian Silver Coins from The Perth Mint Australia!


The Perth Mint Quality

The Perth Mint in Western Australia has a reputation for high quality.  It began as a branch mint of the Royal Mint when Australia was a part of the United Kingdom.  There is a proud history of quality, and that quality continues today.


The Perth Mint Coins

Australia has two operating mints.  The Royal Australian Mint produces circulation coins for Australia, and some commemorative coins.  The Perth Mint produces commemorative coins, and Australian bullion coins.  Unfortunately, the coins cannot be combined in one order.


Some Older Kookaburra Coins



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