First 2019 Coins

2019 Coins:  First Have Appeared

A Few 2019 Coins Are Coming Out

Well, here it is in July, 2018, and already the first 2019 coins are becoming available.  Several days ago I saw the first coin for 2019 being advertised.  Perhaps it was not the first out, but it was the first one I became aware of.  It took a few days to write about it because we were busy with a coin show, and our internet was down.  So, I thought I might check on these incredibly early releases, looking for others that might be listed.


The first coin I became aware of is a five-ounce gilded silver coin for the Year of the Pig.  It comes from the New Zealand Mint, and is being issued on behalf of the island nation of Niue.  That it would involve Niue is no surprise.  That one small island nation is flooding the commemorative coin market with issue after issue.  Some of these could be considered as works of art.


I thought I might seek information on other 2019 coins that are either out or offered for pre-sale.  There are two others.  Both deal with the Year of the Pig.


One coin is a two-ounce fine silver coin from Laos.  This one also features the Year of the Pig.  It has a pig in the center that is gilded with gold.  Around the center is an insert of a Burmese Jade ring.  Around that is a ring where the silver clearly shows.  This is a part of a series of lunar coins with a jade insert.


The third coin is called the Pig Mother of Pearl.  It comes from Cook Islands.  This is a five-ounce fine silver coin minted with a proof finish.  The center is inlayed with a pink mother of pearl disk.


All of the above coins are rather expensive.  All can be found on Ebay.  Just scroll down, past numerous books and 2019 Zombucks, and the real coins will begin to appear.


I do not consider Zombucks to be legitimate coins.  However, if you are into collecting Zombucks, both the copper and silver versions are listed for sale on Ebay.  However, the only things I consider coins have a denomination from a country that issues legal tender, or group of countries that jointly issue legal tender.  Groups of countries issuing coins include the countries of the European Union, and the Eastern Caribbean Eight.



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