2018 Sperm Whale Coin

 2018 Sperm Whale Coin

New Zealand Sperm Whale Coin

The Sperm Whale coin of New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful coin, and depicts a popular subject.  It may do well with collectors.  At this time there is no indication whether this is a first coin in a series or a stand-alone issue.


The coin features a sperm whale and calf.  The detail of the coin is excellent, and this coin uses an innovative coloring whereby a transparent blue enamel allows the viewing of the image beneath the color.  The blue is used to show the waters of the ocean.


The only color used is the blue of the ocean.  The stark contrast of the silver against the blue is striking.




Sperm Whale Coin Background


The background is a stunning rendering of the Kaikoura Range with Mount Fyffe as the focus.


The Sperm Whale Coin Details


This is a 2018 coin.  This is a one-ounce fine silver coin.  The coin is minted in 0.999 fine silver.  The coin has a proof quality finish.  Mintage is limited to one thousand five hundred coins.  The diameter is forty millimeters.  The edge of the coin is milled.  The mint is the Helvetic Mint, although the coin is not on the Helvetic Mint’s website.  The coin is minted for New Zealand, and has the denomination of one dollar.


It should be noted that the New Zealand Mint is not a government owned mint, rather it is a private mint.  The New Zealand government is free to have coins minted wherever desired.  The office for the Helvetic Mint is in Switzerland.


The designer of the reverse of the coin is Hannah Stancliffe-White of the New Zealand Post.  The effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse is the Ian Rank-Braodley design.


The inside cover of the box indicates the coin is issued for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.


A Similar Coin Series

2016 Coins

The 2016 Whales of the Southern Ocean series indeed has some similarities.  Those coins were minted for the Pitcairn Islands by the New Zealand Mint.  This was a four-coin series that featured the Sperm Whale, the Blue Whale, the Fin Whale, and the Humpback Whale.  These were minted by the New Zealand Mint.  The coins of the Whales of the Southern Ocean series lacked the innovation of using transparent enamel.  They also lacked showing a landform in the background.  Another difference is the current coin does not have the whale identified in large script on the reverse of the coin.



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