2018 Libertads Coming in March

2018 Libertads Coming in March

2018 Libertads in Many Sizes

2018 Libertads, the silver bullion coins of Mexico, are to be available in March, 2018.  There will be plenty of 2018 Libertads to choose from.  The popular one-ounce fine silver coin will be among the new releases.  Also to be released are the one-twentieth ounce silver coin, the one-tenth ounce silver coin, the one-quarter ounce silver coin, and the half ounce silver coin.  These will be the fractional silver coins released.  In addition, the two-ounce and five-ounce silver coins will be released.


Many other silver bullion coins exist, but very few of them have fractional sizes, coins less than one-ounce.  Also, five-ounce coins are harder to find, and the two-ounce coins have few coins as competition.


The 2018 Libertads Coin Details

The Description and Specifications

The coins are minted at the Mexico City Mint.  They are minted in 0.999 pure silver.  The obverse features the national arms, an eagle facing left.  The larger two-ounce and five-ounce coins also feature past and present national arms in a circle around the present national arms symbol. There are ten images in the circle, and one larger one in the center. The reverse features Winged Liberty.


The libertads, in all sizes, lack a denomination.  This is truly a bullion piece that may also have numismatic value.  But, unlike bullion coins of other countries, there is no effort to assign a nominal denomination just to back up the claim that the bullion piece is a coin.


In addition to the bullion libertads there will be a full range of proof or proof-like 2018 libertads.


The Libertads of the Past

Past Issues

Libertads of all of the sizes except the kilogram coin started in 1991.  More on the kilogram coin later in the article.  In 1996 the Winged Liberty image underwent a major alteration.  Some other changes have been made over the years.  This year there is an improved reverse for the libertads.  Historically, all sizes other than the one-ounce coin are minted in much lower numbers.


Initially, the fractional sizes, and the larger sizes, are more expensive per ounce of silver.  However, numismatic value has a chance to appreciate due to the lower mintages.


The proof versions of the coins exist, and are minted in lower numbers.  At this time, it is the bullion coin release that is being anticipated.


The coins are designed to look like the gold bullion coins that also come in a multitude of sizes.

The Missing Libertad

One Size Not Being Found

Beginning in 2001, the Mexico City Mint struck a small quantity of one-kilogram libertads.  In the first seven years only proof-like libertads of such a large size were minted.  Then, some bullion coins became available.  But, in 2012 only proof-like kilogram libertads were minted.  Bullion coins were resumed in 2013.  At this time it appears from the Banco de Mexico website that only the proof-like kilogram silver libertad will be issued in 2018.

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