2018 European Silver Programme Coin Italy

2018 European Silver Programme Coin Italy

2018 European Silver Programme Coin Age of Baroque and Rococo

The 2018 European Silver Programme coin from Italy is a coin featuring the Statue of Santa Veronica for the Age of Baroque and Rococo.  The statue that inspired the central focus of the coin was sculpted by Francisco Mochi.  The sculpture itself is located in Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy.


The image on the coin is accompanied by pieces showcasing the artistry of Bernini and Borromini.


The 2018 European Silver Programme Theme

Baroque and Rococo

The baroque style of art began in Europe in the early seventeenth century.  The style is exuberant, and eventually evolved into the even more lavish style of Rococo art.  It lasted well into the eighteenth century.


Since the art was encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church, it is easy to understand how examples of baroque art can be found in Italy.  This coin represents Italy and its prolific art through the ages well.


The Italian 2018 European Silver Programme Coin

The Silver Coin Details

The denomination of this coin is ten Euros.  Each coin has a proof finish.  The metal is Sterling silver, or silver of purity 0.925.  The tolerance of the fineness of the silver is three percent.  The weight of the coin is twenty-two grams, and the tolerance of the weight is five percent.  The diameter of the coin is thirty-four millimeters.  The mintage of this coin is limited to four thousand five hundred pieces.  This coin has an “R” mintmark, indicating it is a product of the Mint of Rome.


The designer of the coin is Colaneri, and the designer’s name is spelled out on the coin.


View this coin here.

The 2017 European Silver Program Coin from Italy

The Coin for the Age of Iron and Glass

For 2017, the Italian coin was also impressive.  It depicts the oldest surviving shopping center, which is located in Milan, Italy.  The building is named Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, in honor of the first king of Italy.  The coin is a beautiful piece.  View its image here.


European Silver Programme Past Years

Italian Coins

Italy has participated in the Europa Coin Programme, or European Silver Programme, every year except the inaugural year of 2004.  Italy has such a rich culture that it has repeatedly put forth some outstanding coins.


Italy also has a number of other collector coins, other than those in the program.  These are also well worth consideration.  View current coins here.



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