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DIsney Princess Cinderella Silver Coin

Disney Coins

Disney coins, including both Disney silver and gold coins addresses both coins and what is technically called medallions. There has been a recent shift from medallions to actual coins. Basically, the difference is a coin is legal tender of a country that has the authority to have its own currency produced.
Disney has used the Rarities Mint and the Liberty Mint to produce coins that technically are not coins, but collectible medallions, since they are not authorized money for a nation. In 2014 Disney real coins began to show up. These are minted by the New Zealand Mint, but the difference is they are currency of the island nation of Niue. They are often distributed by other major mints. In particular the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint of Australia each have a nice variety of Disney coins available.

The Perth Mint Australia


Small island nations have gotten into making a profit from commemorative coins, which are coins not intended for circulation. These usually sell well over the denominations of the respective coins. Of the small nations in the South Pacific that use commemorative coins as a means of generating revenue, Niue is perhaps the most prolific. Niue commemorative coins are often minted by several mints including the New Zealand Mint, PAMP, and Mennica, or the mint of Poland.

The 2014 Disney Coins

The coins issued in 2014 include the six coin character set of one Troy ounce fine silver coins featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Pluto. These are beautifully enameled. There is also a version of gold coins of the same subject matter.
In addition to the six coin set there are also colorized coins. One is for Christmas and features a multitude of characters, the other is Mickey and Minnie called Crazy in Love which is a 2015 coin.

The first coins issued were the Mickey Mouse as Steamboat willie and a very early version of Donald Duck. These were not colorized, but can be found in a much larger size.

2015 Uncle Scrooge

In 2015 a special Uncle Scrooge coin was issued in fine silver, and another issued in gold.

Princess Disney Coins

The first 2015 Disney Princess coin released was the Disney Princess Cinderella. This coin comes in packaging that opens as a story book. It sold out quickly at the mint, and is becoming difficult to find at a reasonable price. Other Disney Princess coins followed, and continue to be released in 2016. They are available in one Troy ounce silver coins colorized with enamel, and in uncolorized fine gold coins.

2016 Frozen Disney Coins

The new series for the 2016 coins is Frozen: Magic of the Northern Lights. The issue of Elsa has shown a commitment to the continuation of the Disney series. There are to be five coins in this set, and they are available at the Royal Canadian Mint as a subscription. In fact, the image is there for all five coins. As with the Disney Princess coins, the packaging is itself well designed.

The coins in this set are Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven, and finally Elsa and Anna.

There is also Love Crazy, a 2016 issue featuring Donald and Daisy Duck.


Many of the coins described above are also available in gold, but not colorized. This includes the 2014 characters and the 2015 princesses. The gold coins are limited and minted in the one-fourth ounce size, and produced with a proof finish.


The Perth Mint currently has the following available:
Aurora one ounce fine silver Disney Coin;
Steamboat Willie one kilogram fine silver Disney coin;
Mickey and Friends six coin one-quarter ounce gold Disney coins as individual coins or as a set;
Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Pluto one ounce colorized fine silver Disney coins; and,
Donald Duck 80th anniversary one ounce fine silver Disney coins;

The Perth Mint Australia

Also, the royal Canadian Mint has a great selection.

1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Frozen…

Poised and graceful Elsa’s heart is bigger than she knows. From the New Zealand Mint! O… [More]

Price: C$114.95
Sale: C$114.95



Disney Silver Coins More Properly Called Rounds

The Disney Company has a treasure-trove of great, popular images that can be used to mint highly collectible coins. Well, coins is not quite accurate because these are not issued by a government nor have a monetary denomination. Yet, they are beautiful silver rounds, and attract attention from numismatists and collectors of things Disney alike. Many are issued in 0.999 fine silver, and struck as proof coins, have a limited mintage, and released with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Most are released in a jewelry case, book-like cover, or on a card.
Some are issued as sets, but even those are sold individually. Others are one issue stand alone coins. We have been watching these as they appear on eBay, and know some are very hard to find, while others appear repeatedly.
Many are one Troy ounce, but some have other sizes available. Some coins are easily found in one-tenth Troy ounce, one-half Troy ounce, and five Troy ounces. The Lion King is an example of a coin with a different weight than what most of the other coins have.
Most were minted by the Rarities Mint, but there are some by the Liberty Mint and the Hamilton Mint.
Look for the Case and the Certificate of Authenticity. When it comes time to sell the collection the value is much higher with the case and numbered certificate of Authenticity than without. Even the box or sleeve affects the resale value. Collectors want these as issued.
We buy with the intent to resell. But, even though there is a market for coins that have been separated from the Certificates of Authenticity, we find the integrity of a coin’s history is better with this card. The card could have been lost or thrown away, and these things happen when a collectible coin gets into the hands of someone not a coin collector. But, there are two other scenarios to consider. The coin could have been handled by a child in play, and would have wear, or could have been stolen with the seller hiding specific information. We choose to minimize the possibility of either of these cases when we buy, so we require the Certificate of Authenticity. And, we do not buy if a seller has the number hidden, which could simply mean it is a stock picture use for several. But, it could indicate a stolen piece. Do record all serial numbers so in the event your collection is stolen the authorities can identify your coins.

The Happiest Celebration on Earth

The Castle Set consists of five coins, one depicting each castle at a Disney location. These were available in fine silver and fine silver gilded with gold editions. The one shown in the introduction is one of the gilded castles, with a gold castle set in a silver field, representing Disney World. The reverse is also selectively gilded. The mintage of the silver gilded edition is 2005, which was the year of release.
The Rarities Mint apparently dissolved, and this set was minted by the Hamilton Mint.
Other coins, such as the twenty-fifty anniversary coins, were also minted using a Disney castle in silver gilded with gold.

Mickey with You Sixty Years

The Mickey Mouse sixtieth anniversary was celebrated with a beautiful six coin set featuring Mickey Mouse on the obverse and a milestone involving Mickey Mouse on the reverse. These are often found in beautiful, albeit large, booklet cases, with an informative booklet accompanying the coin.
The mintage for the one Troy ounce silver set is 30,000 per coin, but Mickey Mouse is so popular many are hoarded by collectors. While they can be found, the market is not really as flooded as the Snow White set.
These are proof coins minted in fine silver. The most common size is the one Troy ounce, but the one-tenth Troy ounce coins are placed in the same size folders. Always check the size of these before buying.

The Fantasia Set

The fiftieth Anniversary of Fantasia was commemorated with a seven coin set released in 1990. This set was minted in one Troy ounce fine silver and struck as proof coins by the Rarities Mint. The silver set has a mintage of 10,000. A second set of gilded coins was also released. These depict entities from the Fantasia movie.

The Donald Duck Set

This is a seven coin set of fine silver proof coins, with a limited mintage of 5,500 each. These coins were released in 1990 to celebrate fifty-five years of Donald Duck. Milestones of significant events over the history of Donald Duck are highlighted.
This set is somewhat difficult to find, and may command a slightly higher price than many other Disney coins.

The Disney Around the World Set

The Disney Around the World set is a seven coin set showing the most popular Disney characters on the obverse. This set was struck by the Rarities Mint in one Troy ounce fine silver coins. Each coin has a mintage of 15,000.

The Snow White Sets

The Snow White Set, or should we say sets, are most affordable. There are several sets, including one-half Troy ounce fine silver, one Troy ounce fine silver, and five Troy ounce fine silver. These suffer from overproduction. First, there is ambiguity, since some sets contain nine coins, while others contain eleven coins. Both versions have Snow White, Prince Charming, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy, and Doc. The Witch and the Hunter or Woodsman exist in some sets, and not others, which makes them rarer.
Here the problem is many people wanted a coin, and soon only Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy, and Doc were available. Now, as they try to resell them there are few buyers who will distinguish, hence a flooded market.
These were released in 1990 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Snow White, but other versions were also released. This includes a current silver plated set where a base metal is plated with a thin veneer of silver. Plated base metal coins have so little of the precious metal that they do not gain value from its content.
While these may be most affordable, you may do better with spending the little extra and getting a very collectible piece.

The Disney Masterpieces Set

This is a seven coin set of 0.999 fine silver Disney coins. These coins depict major masterpieces of Disney over time. Mintage was limited to 5,000.
The images include:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Fantasia – Mickey
Alice in Wonderland

The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Mickey

The Seventy-fifth anniversary of Mickey is a rare set of enameled fine silver coins. These spectacularly colored coins are certain to catch the eye, and are quite desirable. This set is dated 2003.

Others Are Out There

A few silver coins we have seen include Lady and the Winnie the Pooh, Tramp (rare), 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King, The Tree of Life, Epcot, Scrooge, the feature ride at the Studios (which had to be renamed), Star Wars Weekend, and more.

Beware of the Word Silver

Not all that shines is silver. People know Disney has many silver collectible coins out there, so they buy on the title on EBAY. But, silver may just refer to the color. Disney makes many base metal coins, a few plated coins, and some pewter coins. Look for the inscription fine silver on the coin. And to avoid unpleasant surprises of getting smaller than expected coins, check the inscription to determine the amount of silver contained in the coin.

Protecting Your Coins

Coins can devalue quickly from handling, and can also devalue from environmental damage. These coins are all issued in acrylic capsules, which are either mounted in a card, or placed in a jewel case or folder. Never take the coin out of the acrylic capsule. Once it is opened, the coin has been exposed to whatever chemicals are present in the air.
Acrylic capsules should be handled by the edge to avoid scratching. A scratched capsule may need to be replaced simply to view the coin, which can be damaging. And, if the coin must be removed, handle it only by the edge. There are oils in your fingers that can be damaging.
Occasionally, some toning occurs naturally. Do not polish the coin, or do any other cleaning to alter this. You may devalue your coin. Most coin dealers will warn you about cleaning, but in the rare case it really must be done, take it to a coin dealer and ask for assistance.

Gold Rounds

Some of the silver rounds have a gold version, but not all do. However, small gold coins are possible, albeit rare to find.

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