Coin Show Special Issue

Coin Show Special Issue

Coins Issued as a Coin Show Special Issue

A coin show special issue can occur.  This is not something that will happen for a local coin show, but often will for a large coin show with a wide audience.  Coin shows that might have a mint inclined to mint a special coin are shows such as the Berlin World Money Fair.  Such an event is so significant that special issues can be released.  Also, since it usually occurs early in the year, news of new series can come out of such an event.


Other events also can produce special coins, or in some cases special packaging.


This year the World’s Fair of Money to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will feature a Canadian coin show special issue.


The Royal Canadian Mint’s Coin Show Special Issue

The Special Privy Mark

In August, 2018, the World’s Fair of Money will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This is an American Numismatic Association coin show.  There is also a special anniversary, the thirtieth anniversary of the silver Maple Leaf coin.  The Maple Leaf is a Canadian coin, minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.  Several special issues of the Maple Leaf coin are being produced to mark the anniversary.  One of those is the silver Maple Leaf with a huge numeral thirty on the reverse.  The thing that makes the coin to be released special, and ties into the World’s Fair of Money, is the special privy mark.  It is a micro-engraves cluster of three flowers, Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel, with the letters ANA hovering above the blossoms.


The mintage of this pure silver coin is limited to six thousand.  It will be sold at the World’s Fair of Money from August 14 through August 18.  Any remaining coins will then be sold on the Royal Canadian Mint’s website.




ANDA Specials

Perth Mint Special Packaging

The Perth Mint is Western Australia often releases collector coins in special mint packaging at ANAD coin shows.  The ANDA coin shows are held throughout Australia.  The unfortunate thing here is that if the packaging is lost, the coin no longer can be traced to the coin show.  This is also true if the coin is graded, unless the grading company marks the label in the slab.


The Perth Mint coin show special issue coins are not normally sold out at the coin shows, and the excess supply of coins quickly appear on the Perth Mint website.  Since the ANDA holds several shows annually, it is wise to check with the Perth Mint often of one wishes to purchase a special packaged coin.  Or, wait and get one on Ebay.


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