Disney Coins have been around for years, if you consider rounds and bars to be coins.  Disney used the Rarities Mint and the Liberty Mint.  Actual Disney coins have been minted by recently by the Mint of Paris and by the New Zealand Mint.


This section of the blog will be for articles that contain information on Disney coins, and on Disney rounds and bars.


The New Zealand Mint is currently minting these coins for Niue, a small island nation, and includes a number of Disney topics.  Included in these topics are not only the Disney characters, but extend to such Disney topics as Star Wars.


Most of the coins presently being produced, and many of the bars and rounds of the past, are in fine silver, and some are in gold.


The New Zealand coins include both bullion and beautiful proof coin.  There are proof coins that are just metal, and those that contain colorization.

Disney Coins Featuring Disney Characters and Star Wars

Disney Coins Featuring Disney Characters and Star Wars Modern Disney Coins   Disney coins, actual coins with monetary denominations, are being minted on a frequent basis.  These Disney coins are legal tender of Niue, a small island nation.  Quality coins in silver and in gold are being produced.  These coins are of high quality, provided the coins you purchase is authentic.  Herein lies a problem.  Can the coins be guaranteed to be authentic coins.  The sim.....

Coin: Disney Pixar Cars Silver Coin

Coin: Disney Pixar Cars Silver Coin The Cars Silver Coin series, Disney Pixar Cars, features five brightly colored coins.  These coins are minted by the New Zealand Mint, a private mint that mints coins for several nations.  This particular series of coins is minted for the island nation of Niue.  It is known for commemorative coins, and uses the New Zealand Mint for some, but not all, of its issues.   Four of the coins are for Disney Pixar Cars, and one for Dis.....