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The Royal Mint Gold Sovereign

Gold Sovereign Coin

Gold Sovereign Coin   The gold sovereign coin is one of the best known coins in the world, having had a long production by the Royal Mint.  Australia has also had a long production of the sovereign, coming from the history of the Australian Mints, which had their origins as branch mints for the Royal Mint, and the early use of British denominations. The Royal Mint Gold Sovereign Coin   The sovereign of the Royal Mint comes in 22-karat gold.  .....
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Star Wars Coins

Star Wars Coins Star Wars Coins have become quite popular.  They celebrate the popular movie series in fine silver coins. Introduction: Star Wars Coins were introduced by the New Zealand Mint in 2011 and has been revived in 2016 with exciting new coins.  These are well worth consideration.  And, both the Perth Mint in Australia and the Royal Canadian Mint have Star Wars coins available in cooperation with the New Zealand Mint.   Star Wars Coins:.....
2015 Bugs Bunny $20 for $20 fine silver coin.

Coins Directly from Foreign Mints

Coins Directly from Foreign Mints   New coins that are still available at a mint are best bought directly from that mint.  I have chosen four mints that use the English language so you will have no difficulty communicating with them.  And, often mints ship free if the order is large enough, especially the Royal Canadian Mint and occasionally the Perth Mint.  The Royal Mint often has free shipping to the United Kingdom, which is of no real value to tho.....